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"They" admitted it.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Digit, Jul 9, 2003.

  1. They admitted it.

    The UK government has announced that it no longer expects to find weapons of mass destruction in iraq.

    so that was worthwhile wasnt it. :rolleyes:
  2. Did you expect any thing different??

    Thats wasn't the reason for the war any way.. It was just an excuse for war!!!!!!!!
  3. The only chemical weapon in this whole corporate scam of a war is the chemical imbalance in the head of Bush/Cheney/Powell and Co.

  4. wow im glad im british :D

    no wait the other one, not
  5. they are why three to ten americans are getting killed each day over there. Cause of a god dam suspision
  6. and as always when the british go to war along side america in iraq, the americans have killed more british than iraqis have killed british. :rolleyes: you'd think we'd learn.

    yeah i know that stuff budhead, i just didnt expect them to admit it. it was kinda brushed aside on the news as if it didnt matter. i wanted an hour long special the moment the news broke. i missed channel4 news, they probably did do that, or will do it tomoro at aleast.

    will things change?
    will people speak up more?
    will government ever act responsably and along with the will of the people? or will they just carry on acting like greedy fucking little social climbers on the global playground?


    i think i know the answer.


  7. maybe you forgot but Saddam himself was a weapon of mass destruction. He was a cold blooded killer and the leader of a country. Can you see where that might go bad?

    when i first saw it, i thought you were going to say how britney and timberlake admitted to fucking :D

    hahahah, big time news, i saw it on tv :)
  9. jesus christ this thread reeks of anti-americanism...

    i only got one word to say

    i am speechless.
  10. Anyone seen the Late Show's "George W Bush, joke that's not really a joke" segment? classic.
  11. Oh well, it was all for oil. Sadam may have been a pyscho on the tail of Hitler, but we didn't follow the simple RULES OF ENGAGEMENT FOR WAR! The war was bullshit, I mean god, we scarficed the Kurds many years ago to that madman and nothign was said. Yet on the other hand, we got a pyscho out of power.

    In the end, it doesn't matter its WAR. Its our nature to kill people thats different than us, and to plunder their land. Don't believe it? Pick up a history book. No matter how "civilized" we become, we will still have war, you can protest it, or support it, its inevitable.

  12. what if we suspected some terrorist activity on september 11th? than you would have shut up.

  13. Why is EVERYONE forgetting about the amounts of innocent, murdered Iraqis? Between 5546 and 7219 Iraqis were ruthlessly slaughtered in this "war" (if you can even call this mass murder that). To put things in proportion, that is about 2 to 3 times more casualties than 911, and remember how big of a deal that was to Americans? We need to see the real tragedy here, not the few American soldiers that signed up for their own death. Call me anti-American, I don't give a shit. EVeryone is entitled to their opinion.
  14. ...and thccrystals, we DID in fact know about plans for 911. They had been presented to us by another nation of Southeast Asia I belive, but the government declared it "too outrageous" and ignored it.
  15. What's outrageous is that if you bust int'l airspace in a single engine piston aircraft by accident in VERY short order you have an F-16 on your ass, and possibly a Citation X equipped with electronic surveillnace equipment, and a blackhawk on standby. It takes minutes for 'em to scramble and a few more minutes to get out a couple hundred miles from base.

    I've seen intercepts happen within 10 minutes of minor airspace violations. With 4 airliners out of ATC contact and off course there should have been 4 pair of fast movers scrambled out of Andrews and standard intercept protocol followed. This never happened for however long it was (i foret off the top of my head) that the 4 aircraft were "lost". At their range the fast movers shhould have less than 15mins ETE ro intercept.

    Yet the order wasn't given. If TRACON or ARTCC "loses" an aircraft by 3 minutes off a POSREP (position report), no less loses radio contact, then intercept procedures are normal.

    All of this is fixed operational protocol, that's how the system SUPPOSED to work for security reasons, but for some reason 4 missing airliners were overlooked for a helluva lot longer than it takes fast movers to intercept WITHOUT performing at rated comabt power settings (IE without going supersonic)

    All of this notwithstanding the preliminary intel out of asia, and from our own country's flight schools.

    There's some stuff i can't say (classified) but there were other red flags that were ignored.

    Either we are to believe that our country is so naive and arrogant that we believe this could not possibly happen, or someone high up buried the intel pieces and placed blame on various intel components failure to share said intel.

    before you flame me, research the word "halliburton" amd see who the major stockholders are and what their business is.


  16. are these iraqi soldiers you are talking about(5546-7219)? i honestly believe the US didn't slaughter innocent people on purpose. if you are a soldier of iraq its pretty obvious that you will most likely die if you fight! It would have been much better If those idiots just gave up. resistance = getting fucked up by the US! Call me anti-iraq, I definitely don't give a shit!
  17. British people........

  18. There's a list of "ruthless dictators" that the US could give reason to do the same thing to, do you know why they don't? Because it's not profitable yet. No, it's not about oil directly, it's about policy change to open up new markets for that oil, it's been built up since "daddy" started part 1 of this thing, and then stood back for 12 years to let it cook.
  19. This war was just about bush wanting to get the fcking oil monopoly. Our country Belgium was one of the first against the war and we got critiqued badly by the other European countries that just want to kiss Bush's feet. If America had the chance, they'd probably go for world domination in a heart-beat.

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