these r my girls i needs your imput

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    can anyone tell me if my girls are doing and looking ok ? im a first time grower, all i did was pop in a couple of seeds in a starter pot,with merical grow soil,back in early may,put on a grow light bar and let them be,of course waters when appropreate and then transplanted when i saw that it was getting too much in the small they are in there i guess permanant pots and many many many weeks later this is what i got.

    i can say since i didnt follow the timing scheduals, and using proper lighting times, nor use any liquids , but used some black powery stuff for blooming..again these seeds were planted early may.

    so guys am i doing.and how much longer do i have untill i can start enjoying my meaning smok'her!

    and what is this indica, or sativa i got goin on here?..i get all my seeds from what i buy..euuhm,i havent used a seed bank yet.

    p.s i started indoors, but then wanted to put outside cause summer days are hot, and verrrry sunny where i am(im thinking im doing something right,was that a mistake???)))
    let me say since doing this it made my plants shoot up! i take them out early mornings and bring in when it dusk...all 12hr of sun, and the rest indoors in the dark. are my girls ok???

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  2. hey mate, they look fine, just hungry for some bloom (flowering) nutrients. and its an indica dominant strain by the looks, good luck finishing the grow!

  3. ok the stuff i have for nutes is..umm..hold on..a friend of mine loves to play with perenials n stuff and gave me this stuff for my outside plants, so i figured to try alil

    it's this black pebbly looking stuff called "milorganite" organic nitrogen 4% iron fertilizer, non burning .

    is this good enough? or do i need more heavy duty fert?
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    i would change your nutes as milorganite has low levels of nitrogen which is mainly used for the vegging stage of your plants life.(thats why its a non burning fert ,as low level nitrogen ferts wont burn your plants but wont sustain the levels of nitrogen they need, too low & too slow ) its a slow release fertilizer & worst of all you cannot leach the nutes,they stay in the rootzone for the plant to use over quite a long period of time, not good for growing ganja,other plants yes but unfortunately not marijuana!...(debatable no doubt:),but thats my humble opinion),plus no good for flowering which is the stage your at now.

    also you have an iron defieciency ,notice the white leaves on your bottom pic .......thats an iron defo. once again low levels of iron in nutes, if any as not sure if it has iron in it, you say it has ,are you sure?

    as sems1 says get yourself a good bloom nute & start applying gradually at 1/4 strength stated on the bottle.

    apart from that they look fine:),especially for a 1st grow;)

    peace & hope this helps a little:smoking:

    ps; nothing compares to the sunlight so your doing things well...keep up the good work & ENJOY:)
  5. hmm ok motor head , will i be able to add the proper nutes from what i added almost 3 weeks ago?will it harm it.i hear what you said about what i added before thats it's already in the root system.
    and where would i get the stuff you said? and is it expensive?

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