These people need to go to jail!

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  1. I went to Oregon this summer to visit a chick friend. She said the weed was SOOOO much better than here in Colorado because it's not as dried out. She had some Gorilla glue which was bomb! I bought some tangie that tasted pretty good. I was running out of cash so I had to look into some bargain cannabis. Went to some place called "La cannaseur" north of Portland. They had $17 on special 1/8ths and even ones on special for $11 tax included. The sad thing is, all the buds in that shop had a musty chemical pesticide smell, even the buds that were priced higher. The buds were also a dark green almost brown color and seemed very old. Reminded me of some of the mexibrick I bought back in high school but not pressed into a brick of course. Still bought it and it got me a nice high but very harsh.
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  2. What were the affects of Gorilla Glue? I am growing it right now in my "weed garden", and one of my friend said that he had it and he said that he just watched The amazing world of gumball and it made him couch lock. Is that true? I have also been told that it is really strong
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  3. Yeah I smoked it when I first got there. Couch lock for sure. I was laughing my ass off at the tv show "Curb your enthusiasm". Felt like being high for the first time again. Great strain.

    Edit: The one downside to this strain is that it's not much on flavor.
  4. Ahh. Now I'm excited to smoke it. And there is one thing that always fixed flavor for me: Mix with Blueberry, Cheese, Grapefruit, or my favorite, Girl Scout Cookies.
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  5. Azamax main ingredient is Azadirachtin. It's considered non-toxic to humans. It's not in the same class as Floramite or Bifenazate. You can definitely use Azamax up until flower but if you do it WILL affect the taste. It's best to stop 2-4 weeks out (if you must spray). I think you're confusing Azamax with Avid. As the article has no mention of Azamax or Azadirachtin unless I missed it. Eagle 20 of course is nasty stuff.
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    Not to hijack an important thread...but happened to have travelled to both CO and OR in the last couple months. I bought multiple strains at both places and have to say that which I got for $18 and 1/8 in CO was as good as most everything but a Blue Dream joint I bought in OR. CO was more dank by far...had to alwasy 2-bag it or it would smell up the space.

    OR to WA vacation. Weed/Dispensary Review
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  7. Oregon is full bugs mites are he biggest problem indoors, outdoors so many more so not really suprized.

    But there something that is not talked about the trickery with THC% and what happens after the testing
    always bring a light and a scope to any place your buying .Alot of the bud is being screened to remove the tricomes ,and no one Questions the % no retesting .
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  8. Avid is of course worse but don't think Azamax is tea and honey either.
  9. What is it then? Avid is terrible, not worse, it's poison, Azamax is simply Azadirachtin. Not dangerous at all, people actually use it in tea and honey... It's derived from neem. Please provide sources where azamax has poisoned anyone, why is it not in the list of unacceptable pesticides? Myclobutanil is the real poison. Azamax is perfectly safe, along with Neem oil. Avid, Egale 20, etc are not and have been found in hundreds of products this year. I can spray products like Azamax with confidence knowing it will be gone by harvest and not poison patients. Don't bash the good companies, especially without any proof to back it up.
  10. Douglas Curtis at ICmag forum has been posting about the neem product causing the hypermesis syndrome or activating symptoms... he has an active thread
    Please PM me your personal experience with CHS Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome - Medicinal Cannabis Forum - International Cannagraphic Magazine Forums
  11. There was a troll spouting that non sense about Cannabis Hypermesis awhile ago, the only known case is a 73 year old man, and that's was so long ago I'm guessing it's validity. That thread doesn't have anything about Azadirachtin, or a single article on Cannabis Hypermesis and how it's connected to neem/Azadirachtin. Hes be asking people if they've experienced it, to which he only got a few responses. Which still doesn't provide any proof.

    That guy also thinks zero testing is needed other than his personal proof on sprayed vs un sprayed product. Seems to be where the thread also ended, pointless to continue if no actual tests are going to be done. Not someone I would trust with any information.

    People also seem to be having all different types of issues not the same reoccurring ones. Which makes me believe these are people with health problems trying to pin them on Cannabis and what it may or may not be sprayed with, if it were a problem it would affect a wider market. I'll wait until it's not OMRI listed and starts coming up as a poison in the once in a life time testing done at shops. As of now, Azadirachtin is not on the poison list.
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    Please understand what you're posting. Nobody is drinking the actual Azamax, or using Azadirachtin in such a high amount they will poison themselves with it. :laughing: Which is why it's not banned and is on the list of acceptable pesticides for use on Cannabis. Now please show me any studies of ANYONE with Azadirachtin poisoning? Anything related to Cannabis? Almost anything can be harmful in large amounts. Keep spreading your misinformation though. Like I said it's NON-TOXIC to HUMANS.



    I'm sure you've experienced these symptoms as well as the hundreds of thousands of patients currently purchasing medicine with zero reports on Cannabis Hypermesis or Azadirachtin poison.

    You fail to realize we are speaking about Cannabis ,not fruit, most people are not spraying 4 weeks out into harvest even stopping during flowering. I'm sure we are not spraying as much as our fellow farmer friends as well. Your article is also outdated, they've already released a list of harmful pesticides being used. Azamax and Azadirachtin/Neem. Nowhere to be found :smoke:


    No Azadirachtin? Why? Because nobody is getting sick from it, Myclobutanil is the culprit.
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  13. I agree with you in a general sense and understand your reasoning.

    I just think even though they don't test for it, having a bunch of azadirachtin all over your bud is less than ideal.

    With all these companies showing Eagle 20 positive, it makes Azamax look silly.
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    You would be surprised how many people spray during flower lol.

    Here's why the Eagle 20 is showing up : it absorbs systemically.

    And people believe if they spray it early in veg, it will leach out of the plant.

    Which is not true. Test results have found Eagle 20 2 years after spraying.

    Also closed loop extractors who recycle solvents who run a mix of clean and dirty material and have saved pesticides left over in their recycled solvent that gets passed onto clean material is a big culprit.

    I'm going to repeat it again, I know Azamax will not KILL you like other pesticides have potential to do, but it does cause side effects of stomach and skin irritation if you're exposed to enough of it. There is enough literature on that subject.

    I also posted an article in another thread how neem oil is bad for people with immune system problems, so a bunch of that may not be good in "medical marijuana".

    I understand it's one of the gold standard pesticides and everyone should have a neem product, I think some people think because it's not tested for think it's "nothing" and are comfortable with it ending up in the final product in significant quantities.
  15. If you live in a legal state you'd be out of your mind not to grow your own. Not saying there's anything wrong with going to a shop but I wouldn't make it a primary source for bud. And especially not with problems like this.
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