these people I love...

Discussion in 'General' started by Switch, Dec 8, 2002.

  1. woody- generosity deserves credit- I love that guy
    normsy poo- that's namron to you
    sensimil- a great lesbian
    RMJL- gotta love her- she's fucking great
    420 girlie- i love her she's great but she dislikes me
    nubbin- WHAT A GUY!!!!
    superjoint- man he is great

    and of course

    Cowboy sax man- just a great guy
    Ganjaphish- Need i say more?
    bud head is great....

    If i've forgotten u then don't worry- I'll post about how great u r in great detail later
  2. and we all love switch- that loveable, red cheeked, snaggled toothed brit who always seems to find new things to bitch about in his drunken rants...

    I quote that cute little cripple tiny tim when I say "god bless us all, and to all a big bowl"...or something
  3. yo i am a brit and i say all us british peeps kick ass
  4. My name was mentioned.. Now how much was i supposed to send switch??

    Thanks friend. I think all of the city is great. Some of the people here are a little more towards the top of the list though.

    A good feeling to be noticed. Thanks again Switch!
  5. damn i will never be noted as some one great
  6. It takes time and patients my friend.........Some of us have been at the city for months and years..........

    Soon enough we'll get to know you!
  7. yeah u will get to now me
  8. Sensi, where did your post go?

    It was here and now it's gone! WTF

  9. wow

    i know..


    I know..

    and well techinally it wasnt working out

    phsically, my fingers were werkin with tha noggin,

    but metally i think i love switch..

  10. and to think nobody would catch didn think it made any sense and then I read it after i posted..and I think i fuked it all up..whatever..Ill post it again,,when I can..lolWHEN ICAN I SAID I AM
  11. It looked good to me! Of corse my name being mentioned again was nice!LOL
  12. ;) of course bh.

    i know ill get back to this one...BECAUSE I FEEL THE SMAE WAY ABOUT ALL THOSE SWITCHY MENTIONED. tru tru. and love you blades...(just cooking food right now) LOL you know how that a meal here...but lol, man...where is that first post i posted...!?!?! it was pretty good lol
  13. Love is in the air

    every night and every day

    Here at the city

    we love each other in our own kinda way!

    Feel it?
  14. HIGH All, now that's a ride and a half. Your's critters?
  15. aw thanks switch!! i <3 you all too! and damn critter that is a ride!
  16. Switchy Boy, you are the coolest ever! EVER, I tell you!!! If I saw you right now, I'd pin you down and make you make me have your lovechild!!!! Well, as cool as that may sound, I'd probably just make you get high so we could chill and point out the oddities of others.

    My point being that I think you're fucking great too, Switch!!!!!!!!!!:)
  17. sorry I forgot critter and unoit (?!?!?!?!)... but anyways let that be a lesson to yers kiddies- don't drink'n'surf... or go within several hundred metres of a fone- I think I came on to some of my best female friends last night.... uuuuuhhhhhh....

  18. lmao. i dunno how many times Ive gotten in trouble making drunk phone calls and coming on to my friends (girls) at least your a guy and its not that bad when they dont know your swinging on their team! lol...trooooouble.
  19. i never got mentioned....nobody loves me:( but hey i've not been here long enough to get to know everyone well enough, but i think i've got everyone allmost susse out now...tell me if i'm right or wrong or missed anything out about anyone

    1)Woody....the master grower and taught me everything i know

    2)Mccurry....keeps himself to himself, know's his shit about growing and occasionally likes to amuse himself at some of the jokes here at the city

    3)Switch...i loved the mohican....big cahounas and likes to tell it like it is, good or bad...and his drunken rants

    4)Critter...Any more laid back and he'd be horizontal, loves his life and his family and his weed...basically he loves life it'self

    5)Sensimil....crazy chick who gets on really well with everyone especially the guys as she's playing the same field as us....that pic of you trying to eat the can on the floor was sooo funny!!

    6)Namron....i allways think of norman as the type of stoner who hits excaliber and thinks how fucked up the world is and how he could improve it by telling us so in his rants....he is the rant master... but can't be bothered as apart from us here at the city, the rest of them aren't woth it!!

    7)Nubbin ....he could easily have been the ice cream man in that hasn't been around as much as he used to but i guess that's because bussiness will be really fast on the run upto christmas, p.s. i loved that story about the guy with burning car or bike and how he just drived away coz he was

    8)Superjoint...the main man....he has the lowdown on how the battle for legalisation is going around the world....i read every one....

    9)420 girl...the girl that everyone loves for teasing them and her positive attitude when the chips are down

    10)RMJL....well switch was gotta love her....she's allways there to lend a hand and allways puts in a very good point when it's most needed

    11)BPP....was one of the first people i met here along with Ndicabud...not around as often as they used to be....know a lot about growing and a lot about life in general....just like critter....good upstanding..(or lying down depending on how much they've citizens...

    12)Ganjaphish...the cool stoner chick from the bay area if i remember correctly?

    14)Unoit...the guy whose phrase is allways..."hi all"....the kinda guy you'd look up to when you were a kid....hard working, loves life...loved the pics of the ducks...and szechaun looked delicious!!

    15)bud head...he comes across to me as a man of patience and understanding...

    16)JRRtokin....what a name, comes across as the type of guy who spends a lot of time with his plants and loves to help others not make any of the mistakes he possibly made when first starting out...

    17)The rainman...i learned a lot from him and was so sad to hear of him leaving, he had a lot of good ideas which i now use....sadly missed

    18)Hatebreeder....quite new to the city but is very helpfull to people who need it....loves his black metal....i just can't go it...sorry, but hey!....each to their that dude in you're pic freaks my g/f does marlon must be the make-up.

    19)Dirty could i ever forget the one man who's made such a big impact over a short space of from Tampa bay (i think), and currently living in Outer Mongol.... oops sorry Alaska...p.s. how's that grow going, must be ready soon???

    well i hope i didn't miss anyone out or offend anyone in any at tyhe city i am glad to say that there is no-one here that i dislike, and when some idiots appear they're booted out fast...i.e. newbiekiller if anyone remembers him??

    if any of you's don't know me i'm 25 from Scotland, a blacksmith to snowboarding and drinking as well as smoking of course....but only from my bong....i grow 4 plants at the moment...hawaii maui 1 week into flowering at the moment, i live with my flatmate kerr who smokes enough to down a fucking oz of hash per week!...i love my music such as led zep, the music, jefferson airplane, the doors, etc and sometimes just good ol blues like elmore james and bb king....well i think i've ranted enough for tonight so adios...arivaderchi, dospedania, allervois, aulfvedersen......Peace out....Sid
  20. I definitely love everyone here........especially since I'm in love with a truly wonderful man!!!!!!! It's about damn time!!!!!! LOL. But honestly, I love each and everyone here and you all hold a special place in my itty bitty heart of gold!!!!!!!

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