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These people can't be serious

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TobySucks, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. I just came across this video on youtube and nearly pissed myself laughing, I've watched it like 10 ties already, but seriously do the people at a partnership for a drug free america think that people will believe this? like if you smoke marijuana you're just gonna lose all control and just buy stupid shit, I really don't get the thought process. Whatever though this shit still makes for a good laugh

    [ame=]Partnership For A Drug-Free America: Surfing Monkey - YouTube[/ame]
  2. I'd buy 15 and fill them with bud.
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    These commercials are pretty damn funny

    [ame=]Partnership For A Drug-Free America PSA- Pot Surgeon - YouTube[/ame]

    This one completely contradicts itself

  4. I remember these coming on during after school cartoons when i was young. It seemed to back-up the crap they use to teach in d.a.r.e.

  5. I've noticed they don't ever talk about cigarettes or alcohol which seems a little fishy
  6. The one with the doctor is especially stupid haha. The entire premise doesn't even make sense! :laughing:
  7. I remember that stupid "they'll understand" series. Like one that said, "just tell your teammates you missed the basketball shot in the big game because you were stoned, they'll understand." Another one was "Just tell your grandma you didn't have dinner with her because you were stoned, she'll understand." and there were a few others too. Funny story was, I was smoking with a friend and that grandma commercial came one just as it was my time to take a hit.:smoking:
  8. Lmao, oh the ignorance of yesteryear, and most of our parents ate it all up. Poor saps....
  9. I'm WAY more likely to act like that and buy stupid shit like what when I'm piss drunk, not stoned...
  10. #10 HighOnTheTotem, Dec 21, 2012
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    That ad just highlights how desperate they are. Like they aren't even trying to take a stance against weed because they think its dangerous, or because its illegal (ie. mores). They're just showing some dude fucking around enjoying himself. If he has the money to spend on 15 surfing money whatever-the-fucks, so be it. He can spend is money on weed and QVC if he damn well pleases; here in America we aren't told what to buy. The anti-drug company is just relying on his actions being a folkway for them to get their message across.

    Edit: It's going to be so fucking awesome when I can tell my kids "When I was younger this shit was illegal... can you believe that? And there were like commercials on the fucking TV telling you not to do it."

    "Dad what the fuck is a TV?"

  11. Like this don't even help their cause if anything it helps marijuana's cause because of how ridiculous it is

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