These past two days have been like christmas!

Discussion in 'General' started by NFloyd2357, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. wow, these past two days have made up for the mundane, tedious, boring and depressing summer - check out the new toys i just got - first one two days ago, second one yesterday:


    vaio fell and broke. Heres the new MacBook Pro (cant say i had the money to afford it though)


    And a new Fender Bassman '59 vintage reissue amp. I also got a pork loin overdrive pedal to help push the amp, amazing tone - with and without the pedal. Spent nothing, but had to trade my old marshall in, which i cherished, but it was time for an upgrade (though pricewise it really wasnt - i just love the sound of this badboy- got an amazing deal on it)

    Well, thought i'd share, i got two sick new things that i've been wanting forever, all in the past two days- just by circumstance really. Although karma kicked me in the ass - i opened the back SUV door to get all my equipment to jam with my band, and my 75 pound pedal board flew out and smashed my foot, right where all the toes meet. It felt broken at first, i dont think it is now though - but i might go to the hospital and try and get some painkillers - which would in turn make this the best 3 days of my life haha

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