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These may be my last words

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Dec 16, 2002.

  1. unfortunettly, two nights ago, i took an overdose of acetaminophen. It was its pure form thats perscription only, and i took about 30 of the pills. Now i can't find the bottol so im not sure if i took a lethal enough dosage. Im praying i didn't, but im not sure. It was a suicide attempt that might've worked for once, but since it took too long, it gave me time to think things over and i want to live. I heard an overdose is hard to diagnose since the visible symtoms only lost 48 hours before it starts causing liver toxicity. Can someone help me out and maybe i won't die after all. I jus need to know if I took enough to kill me.

    Heres some info about the drug i took
    -It was in a perscription bottol and was acetaminophen
    -it was issued in 2000
    -On the tablet itself, it has on one side the number 3, the other side has on top 93 and below it, 150. I dunno if thats how much of it
    -this perscription was for a 60yr+ female (which makes me think this shouldn't be too lethal)

    Info about me
    18 year old
    havn't drank alcohol for months
    havn't took coricidin or any other liver damaging pills for over a month.

    do i have a chance to live? please, help me
  2. ah yea, i did feel overdose symtoms as well last night. I felt nausiated, itching all over. Today i threw up and slept and continued the whole day like that. Now its 3am and i havn't ate sh't all day cuz i can't and i sitll feel like throwing up. this sucks, im gonna die.
  3. drugs must be messing your head... that you forget to call the ambulance.
  4. im not callin no f'n ambulance unless i need to. it costs $600!!!!!!! jus for them to come and give you a ride. I can call a cab to the hospital for cheaper. please another $400-$1,000 jus for being at the hospital, and if theres nothing wrong, then i jus wasted over $1,500 for nothing.
  5. it's free to call 911 and ask whether you're ok. better yet a poison control center. just dial 911. like i said, it's messing your head.
  6. oh, and it doesn't cost 10 percent of what you stated for either.
  7. Agreed, poison control center seems like the best idea, if you are still alive. (I know that sounds morbid, but hey, it could be true) I just would hate Grasscity to lose a member that have posted as many times as yourself, I sincerely hope everything turns out for the better for you, that you do live, and that you sort out your problems as to why you wanted to commit suicide. Good luck with everything, thats all that I can offer.
  8. HIGH All, hope your Alright xplicitcontent and sleeping well.
  9. Xplicit, anytime you take too much of anything, call poison control. They can tell you what to do. Around here, if you call 911, they go ahead and send someone out, no matter what.

    I am really hoping that you are sleeping like a baby right now and that we don't need to be worried but I'm going to worry anyway until you reply and say that you are alive and well!!!!

    So, hurry up and do that, OK???

    If you start feeling like life is shit again, please PM one of us so we can at least try to help out. I've been where you are and I'm here to say that life does get better...never when you want it to, but it does!! I don't want to think about you not being around here, anymore, Xplicit.
  10. Xplicit,

    Here's hoping you a speedy recovery. Hopefully you'll realize now that taking your own life is not the answer. Like RMJL said, turn to your friends here or where you live, that's what friends are for, when the times get really tough.

    We don't want to lose ya bud, so try to be more careful in the future.

    And let us know that you're doing okay now if ya would.

  11. RMJL's right. thing's do get better. don't make a mistake that's a permenant solution for a temporary problem. i may not know your circumstances, but i do know what it's like to hurt so much that you just want it to end by any means necessary. so you can trust me when i say things get better. it won't happen right away, but it will. just give it time. if you need people to talk to, there's pleanty of people here at the city who care. feel free to PM me anytime if ya need to talk to someone.

    you can go to the ER to talk to them and see what's going on. you don't have to get treated to talk to a doctor and find out if you're in need of medical assistance or not... if you refuse treatment it shouldn't cost you anything. if you have insurance, it shouldn't cost much either.
  12. i was at tha hospital today. asked for some blood and piss tests. they gonna jus smell tha thc!
  13. don't worry man. hospitals don't care about your private drug use, even if it's cocain or crack. there is nothing between them and your permanent record. update us and tell us how everything is man.

    and oh. if you're suicidal, why don't you post your thoughts here as well? it'll help you for sure, we'll all listen, i'm curious myself...
  14. good to see you're still with us xplicit. i hope everything goes well at the hospital and you get some good news :)
  15. geeze man dont you have any friends you can talk to or something. not to sound inconsiderate but going online isnt the best way to settle a life or death situation. im glad your ok, pick up your life and make something out of it now. dont let drugs make you another statistic.
  16. oh, and i find that not thinking about my sad life, a solution to my life. because then i can think about DOING stuff, no matter what, even just smoking... will in the long run make you smarter, faster, better at everything in general.
  17. I couldn't have said it better, DirtyD!!!!!!!
  18. Yes, I have to say.......a lot of times I just read the posts that everybody has goin on. Just a reminder of the rest of the world and ALL the other people out there - walkin' around in thier shoes. Puts things back in perspective.
  19. Love you, too, honey!!

    And all you guys.

    Even you xcplicit!

    Don't wanna lose any of you guys!!
  20. Don't go diein' on us!

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