these good pills for DXM?

Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, i have read the DXM faq and stuff but i just wanted to make sure. The pills that i got say this:
    Active ingredient
    Dextromethorphan HBr, USP 15mg per pill
    I was gonna take 20 for 300 mg, thats the only active ingredient. heres a pic of the bottle:

  2. thoser great.. i could pop those all day long.

    just expect to have to wait an (atleast) hour an a half for them to hit
  3. anything in which the only active ingredient is dextromethorphan HBr are good

    those should work good, have you ever done DXM before?
  4. alright cool, thanks a lot! my supermarket has so many of these :). if its good enough ill write a trippy report :). thanks again!!
  5. alright cool, thanks a lot! my supermarket has so many of these :). if its good enough ill write a trip report :). thanks again!!
  6. they'll start to get really suspicious if you keep buying those from them all the time.
    usually i just go to different places everytime i take it, and keep it in like one or 2 month intervals
  7. oh no im not going to be doing it again till august or so
  8. 20 will have you ballin'. Have fun man!

  9. who cares if they get suspicous, its not like your buying mad sudafed pills to make meth with. I usually got carded when i bought them and they'd tell me about how kids use em to get high. and i'd just say "yea i know, y you think i'm buying 2 bottles? do i look sick enough to buy 2 bottles a day?"

    and they cant do a god damn thing about it haha, its like goin to the liquor store when your 21 and they ask if you know you can get drunk off what your buying

    unless you know people that work at the store and wanna keep yourself on the downlow, then dont worry about switching stores
  10. i was reading the DXM faQ and saw that some people have a rare gene that makes them really sensitive to it or something? what are the risks with that?
  11. hahahahaha nel..shit man..yeah do i look sick enough to buy 2 bottles?
  12. just take them will be fine..300 mgs isnt that much...just take em smoke some listen to some jimi or pink floyed
  13. Yeah 300mg will be a nice chill trip.

    I did DXM last night first time of 720mgs, it was great.
  14. 300mg for his first time; im calling more than a chill trip. :wave:
  15. Really? I'd consider it a chill trip...but that's just me?:eek:
  16. you will have fun man..300 mgs is nice
  17. well, i kind of got bummed today, i got a call and i might have a job and i think they drug test, and it figures i also got some good rolls >.<.oh well, ill just wait i guess :'(. my bday is the 21st so maybe ill treat myself then :D.
  18. Trust me, dude, if you have a drug test you can dxm trip for sure, it's cough medicine!
    People do DXM all the time when they can't smoke for tests.

    But, do they test for ecstasty? :confused:
  19. DXM is possible to test for. Ask negligent, he knows first hand.
  20. the 1st time i took dxm i had the most crazy trips.... the 2nd time was not a good experience really. i just felt fucked up like you do when you trip but without the closed eyed visuals. i couldnt walk talk think or anything.

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