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  1. Can someone help me out? Every time there is any activity on GC I get an email and it is very very annoying. I get an email like every minute from GC. I have my notifications turned off and I looked everywhere. I must be missing something. I have hundreds of these emails lol and I don't check them. I can just go on the app and check out what's going on whenever I feel like it. So can someone help me so that I don't receive these emails from GC anymore? I'm on the app by the way. Any help is appreciated.Thanks 😀
  2. just add them to your spam folder.
  3. just change your email to a random one from an email generator then forget it exists
  4. [quote name="BladeRunnin" post="19390463" timestamp="1390459959"]just change your email to a random one from an email generator then forget it exists[/quote] Just might.
  5. annoys the hell outta me too

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  6. Lol on a computer go into control panel settings notification options and uncheck all the boxes under the email columnSent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I317 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  7. I don't use the e-mail I actually use for important stuff (school and personal things) for this reason. I made up an e-mail for this account so all the emails for sites like this goes straight there.
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    <sup>go into notification settings on gc and un tick all the email ones. or its something like that anyway</sup>

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