these could be reasons why your clones are dieing

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  1. Hey guys ill be teaching you how to clone at a 100% sucess rate
    we will be covering the common mistakes to understand what not to do
    1.Too Much water
    this is the easiest mistakes to do .the most common incorrect belief about cloning "you must mist your plants often so it wont dry out " Wrong! people think clones must be kept wet but in reality ,when the growth medium dry out and create a more natural rooting hormones to promote root growth trying to find a new water source
    2.Too Much lights
    if your putting clones under high energy lights like for 400 -600 HID light (HPS,MH) will leave your plants burned on the edges worst yet there getting way too much energy there suppose to get so for this job T5 flourescent light great light for the initial rooting period and have the right amount of lumens for the early stage of growth
    3.Cold GrowRoom
    all Cannabis Plants/Clone prefer room temperatures to be 70- 80 degrees fahrenheit. if your growroom is too cold this can cause your plant to root much slower than its suppose to be . if your growing in a garage ,a basement or any relatively cold area you may way want to invest your money on some seedling heat mat place it under your clones and itll keep them nice and warm
    4.Light placement
    When lights are too close to cannabis plants the plants will burn and start growing yellow leaves put it to far away an the plant will have weak leggy growth this is were T5 help you out cause its a cool running light it can be hung 12 inches away above clones

    1st off you'll need the right cutting make sure your plant is healthy and almost at the end of its life or in the middle of the life cycle .Try to use a cutting 3 to 3 and a half inches long
    golden rule !!!
    is to avoid using sick or droopy branches if you want a 100% success rate go for the branches that get sun
    (green links will direct you to items from amazon)
    List of materials youll need

    1.Seed tray and humidity dome

    2. 1-1.5 in. starter plug,Rockwool you could use coco or peat moss aswell

    3. container to soak your grow medium if you using rockwool .compact coco or if your just using peat just water it

    4. rooting hormones(clonex, etc

    5.cup for rooting hormones

    6.clean and sterilize scissors

    7. light for clones (t5 or cfls work best meter optional but helpful ph up and down

    if i made a mistake on anything feel free to correct me :) it will help others besides me out in there journey as an entrepreneur
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  2. i will add does anyone know how well asprin work when it comes down to cannabis cutting i heard you could make a paste out of it to help it root

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