These clones ready to go??

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  1. Hey I’m doing single cola sog (al b. fuct way) and I’m wondering if these clones would hypothetically be good to put into flower right now…. i cut the clones exactly 2 weeks ago and they rooted by day 7,8,9. i feel like they could’ve had bigger roots if i had a tray that fit the rapid rooters better and if i wasn’t pulling them out every day to check on them which caused roots to break and had they not dried out so much/often... what you think, could they be good to go to lower though?

    also what do you think about leaving like a 1/4” of water at the bottom of the tray so the rooters can constantly wick up water vs feeding them by dipping them in a solution and taking them out?

    thanks for any responses or advice!!!

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  2. Now really, do you honestly think that taking a plant that is less than 2 weeks old and putting it into flower is going to yield you ANYTHING at harvest? Let the things grow and get to a decent size so you'll have some sort of yield out of them. We veg ours for around 2 months before they go into flower and that is after they've been in a Solo cup for about a week. I start counting the 2 months when I know they've rooted in well in the Solo cups. I don't know how much space you're working with or how much light you've got to flower these plants off with, but don't shoot yourself in the foot by trying to flower babies. And don't be picking them up and putting them down every day because all that does is stress them and set them back and force them to have to spend time recovering that they should've spent growing. The best thing to do as far as keeping the rooting cubes moist is to keep a spray bottle with clonex solution in it (always fresh and pH adjusted) and only when the cubes get nearly dry do you respray them and wet them good. But all those plants are ready to go into soil or whatever you're going to do with them as far as the veg cycle goes. If it's a soil grow, they need potted into Solo cups to confine their root space. Keeping the root space confined means it takes the plant less time to develop a root system and get back to growing foliage. Until roots are established, foliage just kind of sits there and waits. pH your water, give them good light, water them properly (basically let them dry out enough and don't drown them) and keep them growing in good soil if soil is your chosen route...and I would suggest any new grower start in soil for sure. You need to read up on the process of growing these plants inside. If you don't, you'll end up confused and lost real fast. Information is your friend and all you have to do is go to the new grower threads and do some reading in the "sticky's" for new growers.
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  3. thanks for the reply!!! i do flood and drain by the way not soil, i been using 3ml micro and 6ml bloom which is like 600ppm which might still be high but they seem to be ok.i know i did a lot of damage to the roots pulling them out of the tray to check them because i could feel the roots stuck to the plastic when i pulled them out and there was a couple broken pieces of root stick to the plastic that broke off but the reason I'm putting them straight to flower is because I'm doing a sog. 32 or 36 plants plants on a 3x6 with 2 600w a/c on them even if i only got 1/2 oz off each id only be hitting .33 gpw which is nothing and that'd still be a full one off the tray. I've done plenty of research and i already do indoor and i know the reason why im doing sog now instead of growing bushes which i won't get too into i don't have the time or the space for all the extra vegging plus I'm watching out for my electric bill and sog is the certified proven way to get the highest gpw
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  4. Don't put into flower at this stage. You want it to have nice massive roots and at least eight nodes. Around 1 foot 1/2 to 2 feet height and bushy.

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