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These buds ready to harvest?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by DataBass, Jun 7, 2008.

  1. The pistols are still white. Can you tell by just looking at them or do you need a magnifier to tell when it's time to harvest.

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  2. i found this recently

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  3. If you want to go by hairs, thats a good chart, however to tell each section properly, you should google image search "trichome chart" and "radio shack microscope" its 100x and only $10.00.

  4. The stuff on that chart matures pretty dam fast...wow!
    7 weeks maybe, but i like to go at least 8 weeks.

    Yes I recommend reading the resin with a 30 x micro-scope,i like to wait until I see at least 10% amber heads....with no heads missing
  5. Not even close man. Looks to me like youre about half way.
  6. Not posting the pic yourself anymore anony? Haha I'll post it up...
  7. trichomes are definately the things to go by

    my plants are almost 100% covered in red hairs, i was going to harvest a few days ago but was advised to look thru some binoculars backwards at the crystals on my plant.

    i was looking for a couch lock stoned and this would mean amber crystals, however all the crystals were either milky or clear which means i would have lost out if id have harvested when i originally planned.

    not to mention the extra yeild that is growing

    the hairs are a good guideline but if you want a precise way to know exactly when is the right time for you, then the trichomes are definately the best way to tell.

  8. i agree
  9. For me, and several others I know, that fucking 100x microscope is really difficult to use, especially if you don't wanna cut calyxes off your buds to examine them. For me, it's just too high powered, needs adjusted for every 1/64" you move (like, when you breathe for example) and has too small a viewing lens.

    They have a 15x jewelers loupe @ radio shack for about $8 - and that's what I use. Anything over 10x is more than sufficient to see trich color easily over a much wider area, and you don't have to rub a microscope all over your buds to get a clear picture of the trichomes.

    Harvest by the number of red/amber trichs - personally I like to pick them @ 50/50. Although yours look like they have a while to go still - some strains, like White Widow, should be harvested when hairs are still nearly all white. Trichs are really the only way to tell.

    Some folks who don't use microscopes wait until their plants look sand-covered rather than sugar-coated...
  10. I agree with the microscope, but, IMO, a 30 is better; you get a much better view, and lighted from the side with led is optimum.


  11. I use the $10 radio shack scope. It works great when you cut off a small leaf that is close to the buds and put it on a flat surface.
  12. go dig your binoculars out of the closet, dust em off, turn them around backwards and look thru them close up to your buds, you will see the trichs.

    from the pic you posted, your bud has quite a ways to go as in weeks.

  13. Thanks for all the input on timing the harvest. I saved off the charts.

    Here's 2 pics of the same plant at 8 weeks of 12/12 light. It's hard to tell from the photos, but under a magnifier, I still only see clear and white trics, no amber color yet. I switched to plain water (no ferts) from now on. The full plant pic reminds me of Side-Show Bob's (The Simpsons) hair-doo. :)

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  14. binocs sounds like a good idea, there is no radio shack here in europe
  15. binoculars work great :) I know this is an old post but I'm sure people are still viewing it and i just wanted to point out that binoculars work great :)
  16. what she smoke like

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