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  1. hi, first post and i'm hoping an expert can help me out a little bit. my dad has a chronic illness and he wants to grow MMJ per the new law starting January 1st, but this is new to both of us, and i agreed to do the research for him...and i'm kinda clueless.

    we don't have a ton of $$ but these seem like the best bang for our buck.

    we have the gear set up for a small hydro grow (2-3 autoflower plants), but the lighting seems really complex...

    the grow tent is 36x36x72, and these lights were suggested. we don't care about doing massive yields, but at least enough to make it worth the time and $$. your input please?

    for the bottom link, i was thinking the 3000K V2, as i'm not sure what the "General" spec is all about.

    if we need any extra gear or they require specialized setup, please let me know so i can get an idea about what we need to do.

    250w Kingbrite Quantum Board,Qb288 V2 Lm301b Led Grow Light - Buy Kingbrite Quantum Board,Qb288 V2 Lm301b,Quantum Board Lm301b Product on

    Wholesale Free assembly Kingbrite lm301h red cree 660nm 240w qb288 v3 quantum board grow light kit From

    Meijiu Qb288 Samsung Led Quantum Board Lm301b Grow Lights Microgreen Indoor Lighting - Buy Lm301b Qb288,Samsung Led Quantum Board,Quantum Board Lm301b Product on

    Horticulture Lighting Group 135 Watt Quantum Board LED Kit V2 Rspec

    thanks guys, peace
  2. Don’t order off hlg. U will pay twice as much! Alibaba is awesome and legit. Plug and play! The 288v2 are awesome boards! 3000,3500,4000 will all flower and veg. Ive seen a nice 4000k qb grow. Same with 3500 and 3000k. I think u will like these. They are good start to finish.
  3. thanks so much for your fast reply! :)

    if you have a minute, could you kindly tell me which of the alibaba lights might work best for my grow space?

    i see people discussing "drivers" and other things, saying the chinese drivers are junk or underpowered or something...i don't know i need to buy any extra or better parts to make these lights function properly?

    i'd really like to avoid replacing something in the middle of a grow.

    thanks again!
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    I’m on Instagram. I’ve sent several ppl to szgeeklightjane on alibaba. They have warranties and I’ve nvr heard of anyone saying driver are bad. They are hlg and I’m fairly certain the hlg driver I got online are made in China. And I’m 1000000000% sure the qb directly from hlg come from China. My boards were nearly wrapped in Chinese news paper upon arrival
  5. If I was u I’d either get 4 individual boards or the one that has 4 boards in a square just till fill the space out evenly with light. I have the qb 288 in 3000k and 5000k. A lot of the ones on alibaba have red and uv built into the boards. I personally would get the ones with some red build in
  6. 0C8C3420-DF92-41C3-9414-4DE54AFD4D9B.png Something like this

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