thermostat power supply

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by gr0wer, May 20, 2003.

  1. I recieved my thermostat its a digistat and i looked at the manual and i need a 24v power supply! Did anyone else run into this problem? Is it just my thermostat or are all thermostats 24v where can i get the power supply and whats the price range? Thanks
  2. I'm guessing that you mean 240V? I talked to my hydro guy about my air pump which says on the box to plug into a 240V power point. He said that it would work find on a standard 120V household outlet...just use a grounded power strip.

    Also about your hydro setup...they've got float switches to always keep your resevoir topped off. For the lights you'll need a heavy duty 15 amp grounded timer....I've got two of them, one for the lights and another with 48 settings for the fans and exhaust.
  3. Oops, my mistake.
  4. Thanks!
    I will start on my next box tomorrow! just bought hps 10-10-10 ferts and ducts.
  5. you must get a doorbell transformer,,, like the one in yer house. home depot.

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