Thermal imaging?

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  1. Hi everyone.

    This may sound stupid and I'm not sure if this is the right section so I apologise if it is before hand.

    How do you all get around thermal imaging from police helecopters looking for irregularities in houses etc?
    I've also read that it won't show up from just one or two plants but you see cop shows where they bust growers with only one to six plants and show the thermal images on printouts, how does that happen?
  2. i'd like to see these cop shows, for some reason i find it hard to believe they can use thermal imagining to get a warrant or anything unless you're already on their radar
  3. If you are in the US, they cant scan without a warrant. Other than that, just be carefull where you vent your exhaust.
  4. Yeah a chopper flies over and takes pics of houses and then they start to build a case on it I suppose and get a search warrant.
    You don't have shows like that in the US?
  5. i doubt we have the money for it, sounds like quite the hassle. Usually it's a federal agency that has the funding to do that, and i'm sure if it were happening like that in california, most of my friends would not still be around.
  6. Actually this was VERY common for busting marijuana grows and was very well funded until it was ruled unconstitutional. They can no longer use FLIR (forward looking infrared) to spot marijuana grows. The technology was good enough that you could tell when people were taking hot showers etc and the courts thought that was too invasive.
  7. Well in actuality that is the very least of your worries. You blabbing your mouth is, and odor. Cops are on shoestring budgets with a down economy gas is at all time highs and they simply dont run that stuff much.
  8. LE can use FLIR on detached buildings. As mentioned, per case law, they can't scan your residence without a warrant. If you have "out" buildings on your property... it's fair game.
  9. Yeah ofcourse they are factors but surely if you grew only one plant the smell wouldn't be that strong?
    Youd obviously be able to smell it more towards the end of a grow but thats not going to be a big issue for just 1 plant is it?

  10. Well if you havent grown yet then you have no idea. It varies. Some no smell and some so bad its terrible. Just harvested 3. My Wappa had zero smell. My Afghan Kush when I would water in my bathroom the bathroom fan could barely deal with it. When I went to harvest had like 2 incenses going, HEPA air filter etc..still was strong. So it varies.
  11. I get what your saying, thanks.

  12. Also consider your question you asked about one or two plants or even 6 you will most likely have one light source. Well my iMac 27inch reads 120 degrees on my laser thermoter. Xbox 360 gets crazy hot, LCD tv does on the back. Todays electronics all give out alot of heat...much higher then room temperature so considering that a single light be hot wont show up as anything really.

    Yea if you have a bunch of 1000w HPS lights all in a row then perhaps you should take protection regarding that.

    They sell IR blocking material at hydro stores just for that.

    HTG Supply - Block-IR 25 feet

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