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  1. Hi guys.

    I'm a first time grower, with a very succesful operation underway under a 200W CFL bulb. (I'm telling you, they're the bomb!) I've got three babies all looking amazing after only a week. The CFL bulb does not generate much heat at all, but I'm going to be switching it for an HPS bulb for flowering.

    I just wondered if anyone knows how much heat needs to be given off for a police thermal imaging camera to pick up on it, (as I've heard that this is the latest technique in culling the crops!). I will only be using one 250W HPS in a small hypdroponics growing tent (60cm X 60cm X 120cm), and have my doubts a to whether it would be that visible to the fuzz, but just wanted a second opinion. (The busts I've heard about so far have been taking out housefuls of the herb.)

    Thanks for your time.
  2. 3 plants? I think you may be getting a bit over paranoid man :smoking:
  3. Hey, yeah thanks a lot for letting me hear it from someone else!

    I've seen a police chopper circling my house recently quite often, and was just getting more concerned! It probably is just the shmokey....

    Like I said, thanks again. I feel much better now!

  4. I'm sure the choppers will die down after the fall outdoor harvest is over. However I wouldn't be concerned with a little 250w bulb, however if it bothering you. They maybe anti-detection foil you could get a roll from between 50-70$ and make peace at mind for yourself.
  5. dude your fine
  6. You dont have anything to worry about with a 3 plant grow dude.
  7. so do 250w HPS lights not create enough heat to be detected or ???

    does it have to be a more serious grow to get attention via thermal imaging..?

    I like to wait until the fall harvest time is over cause of the fly overs
  8. vent the heat into your house, if you do that they can't pin point a room, the entire house just shows up as warm. But really if you are growing under 5,000 watts theres really not much to worry about
  9. For real? I have 2 400watts and a 125watt in the clone/veg chamber. They are in boxes and by the window. Can the heat be detected through the window? Is 925watts enough to heat a room with some central air and a good fan? I am paranoid but better paranoid than becoming more than a monster in prison and killing anything that wants my ass! I appreciate your replies... OneLove
  10. The truth is the police cannot use thermal devices anymore. Because it was ruled you can only use it in court if you were searching for something else. However should that happen you need to be pushing a minimum of 2k watts before I would even consider it.

  11. Where do you get anti detection foil from?
  12. High Tech Garden Supply

    the IR blocking foil :smoke:
  13. My understanding of IR cameras and such are that they cannot actually see beyond a wall. They simply detect temperature differences on the surface of objects. Therefore the only consideration one would have to be concerned with really is drastic variations in temperature on a structure and between that structure and others surrounding it. 250W will not get you there.

    edit:I just realised how old this original post was.
  14. No worries bro... we were bringing it back because a few heads needed it (including me) So thanx for your input...:D

  15. I think you live in a bad area.... time to move... hahahahahahaha

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