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    no matter what music i listen to these days i just think how cool it would be to play along with a theramin... ok.. ya mighta noticed i keep changing how i spell it... i forget. my excuse ... dyslexia. just never been good at remembering spellings really. damn i want a fucking theremin!!!!!

    its the ultimate musical instrument for me. its like it encorporates dance with making musical sounds... and exactly the type of dancing i've been doing since i was about 11 years old in 93 listening to kinda cheesey acidhouse inspired dance tunes. woah... thats 10 years i been dancin like a nutta!!!
  2. Geez...someone get him a theremin thingy.
  3. min? MIN?? MIIIIIINNNNNNN!!!???

    where min?

    oh, theremin. sorry about all the coffuffle. :D

  4. yeah. do not disobey rumjil. her word is greater than gospel!
  5. I'd rather have a dulcimer or maybe a melodica

  6. .. ok ... you cant go posting two words that i've never heard before in that context in a thread like this and not post a link.

    tell me.. show me... i crave da info! ;)
  7. ok... i remember what a melodica is now. yeah.. cool... but.. THERIMINS MAN!!!! :D

    "Care of the melodica:

    When not in use keep the instrument in its box to protect it from dust, dirt and children. "

    hahahaha. and children. hheeeheee hooohooo haaahaaa! :D
  8. i love the way dulcimers sound.
  9. i love the way you sound! ;)
    fuck the therimin actually, i'll just be happy playing you. my beautiful unique musical instrument!!!! :p :D ;)

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