Theres this girl ive been seeing that i dont want to anymore

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  1. So heres the thing i met this girl at a club when i approached her because i wanted to practice talking to people, she was alright looking and into me from the beginning, next time i met her we went back to her place and i told her i wasnt interested in a relationship which she said she was fine with

    shes a virgin so she just wanted to use her hands on me so i figured yeah what the hell, and i did stuff with her boobs she really liked so we saw each other quite a few times these last few months, every time she would yank me off which was fine by me, and then we tried to have sex but i couldnt fit it in so we just stuck with what we were doing

    after about 6 months of this i lost interest in her and her friend found out so she said we should stop seeing each other and i agreed with her, and since i was stranded at this girls place i couldnt do it then so i stayed the night, she knew i talked to her friend and started acting weird and decided to suck me off in what i can only gather was an attempt to keep me with her
    but i couldnt stick with it because she was getting clingy

    about a week later i told her we should stop seeing each other because she was getting to emotional and i reminded her that we were not in a relationship, i did this with a phone call and then she got really upset and i heard her almost crying on the phone

    about a month after that i was concerned so i wanted to see how she was doing and asked if she wanted to hang out so she said she would come over to mine
    when she arrived she BLATANTLY brought an overnight bag and dvds
    she wanted to do shit again and i was feeling lonely so i didnt stop her but now its been 2 months again and she always wants to see me

    i have no idea what to do with her because shes really nice and i want her to go find someone who will actually date her and give her an emotional relationship but shes obsessed with me and gets upset and refuses to see other people when i say i dont want to be with her

    what the hell do i do
  2. u jus got to cut her off and let her feel and deal with that pain n then move on, she'll linger for  while but eventually get over it. like you said in ur last part, maybe tell her u want her to go on and find someone who will really love her and who is really into her because she just isn't the the girl for you.
    oh and dont ever make contact with her again unless u plan on actually being with her (for whatever weird reason u may suddenly want to lol) because honestly it is jus cruel trust me it is painful. never fuck around with peoples emotions if u can
    also any girl that says she is "fine w/not having a relationship" but sticks around for 6 months, is lying, unless you're rich.
  3. Agreed. You gotta quit with the rub n tugs. If you wanna check in on her from time to time don't make it your place or hers. Go for lunch or something public.
  4. Handjobs...
  5. The classic junior high hj's. Just messing with op but for real if your not "feelin it" you probly should set her loose. But if your pissed off about not fitting next time she tuggs ya off stick 2 fingers in(if 2 can fit lol). Do it 1-3 times and your golden.
  6. I don't see how obsessed she could be if you only see each other every couple months...
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    Leave her alone. You have to cut her off cold turkey man! And she is probably obsessed with you because you are the first one to do stuff like that with her. A virgins lust is strong my friend.
  8. She's a virgin an u lead her on by letting her have some fun u asked for this OP

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  9. Once you scratch it, it's gonna itch
  10. Cut it off and be blunt with her. It's not fair or right to string her on for handy's n shit. End it the right way and be upfront. If she wants the sex without the connection and she agrees to it proceed lightly. It's better to end it than draw it out and hurt her or make her suffer.
  11. Virgin pussy is getting rarer and rarer everyday, OP.

    Remember that before you drop her without getting it in.
  12. Alright ill have to tell her i guess, should i do it in person or over machines again?
  13. Oh yea. So she can feel even more attached to him and even more hurt after he takes her virginity and ditches her.

  14. Op you already told her you don't want a relationship. So just leave her alone. Stop "checking on her" lol. Just let her be so she can move on.
  15. virginity means nothing. Ill go out on a limb and say 98% of people don't stay with their first partner. Someones gotta pop that cherry, why not OP?
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    A month of what you wanted (her to leave you alone) went by but you broke that by initiating contact first. Why do you keep contacting her if you dont want her? She may be clingy because its you who is sending these mixed messages. Tell her what the deal is, then leave her alone for good.
  17. If he wants a bigger problem than what he's already dealing with then yeah, op. "Pop that cherry"  :rolleyes:
  18. It disappoints me how thirsty some guys on this forum are. (Not directed at OP)
    To OP:
    Just tell her straight up. "This is a bad idea. We seriously shouldn't meet up anymore because I am not interested in you like that. You're a great girl, [optional filler], but I think this has to stop." It's up to you how you want to say it; in person, through the phone, etc.
    Although part of this is your own fault, since you re-initiated contact. This time, actually stop!
    This^^ lol. But whether or not she takes her virginity serious, shes gonna get attached to him even more and it'll hurt her. For some reason it seems to happen like that a lot. Girl loses virginity, girl gets super clingy/turns into sex crazed animal. Im talking about her feelings more than the virginity part.

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