There's this bird thats been running into my window for 3 weeks now

Discussion in 'General' started by jimboob, May 2, 2011.

  1. maybe even longer, but it just hasn't learned starting to feel bad I think it's retarded and doesn't have any friends. What should I do? It's doing it as I type/you read.
  2. Lol I think your retarded(jk). How do you know its the same bird? Its probably a different one each time.
  3. 1- Put sticky fly mat on the outside of window......

    2- Video camera pointing at window....

    3- Lulz?
  4. nice, i have a screened in porch that i toke in pretty often its not uncommon to see birds crashland into the invisible wall lol
  5. ye birds are retarded they keep flying into my chimney and they cant fly out so they just get stuck and i have to open the chimney and they fuckin fly into my house into the big screen tv and shit... damn birds
  6. eventually it'll snap its neck and you won't have to worry about it anymore

  7. How would you feel if you were that bird?
  8. Birds don't realize it's a window and they think they can fly through it. There's not much you can do.

  9. Obviously the bird isn't intelligent enough to feel a sense of bitterness as it's too stupid to contemplate a new route of flight.
  10. Let it in and make friends with it.
  11. I wouldn't know because I'm not a bird

    spare me of the sentimentality
  12. Birds taste good if cooked properly.

  13. Then smoke with it, then you can feed it and breed it so you can ride it!

  14. i think you're on to something here...
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    That's some eragon shit right there
  16. Mace, bat, pellet gun, paintball gun, airsoft gun
  17. Yea probably the most useful advice given thus far. I think I'm going to open the window as soon as it flys into it. If I time it right i'll get it to fly into my room where I can lasso and tame it. Be back soon
  18. put something shiny outside or inside.

    it will scare the bird away.

    or blinds
  19. Did you make friends with it yet? Just think, you and the bird, together, could take over the worlllllld!!!

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