Theres something wrong with this shit here.

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Sep 14, 2007.

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    I don't want to say I expected but humanity never seems to surprise me.
  2. That clip lacked a lot of details that would be required to make a relevent point. Was the body afterwards shot to death?

    New Orleans is what happens when the law enforcement system breaks down in a highly populated urban enviornment. Survival instincts kicked in. These instincts come from long long ago before civilization started. There are no morals or ethics involved with them. Its just survival.

    EDIT: Let me also add that New Orleans wasn't hit half as hard as say, Biloxi was.
  3. Okay. Why was the body there? WHo killed him? One of those dudes? More details please.
  4. Hell if I know, probably someone who died from lack of care and the video was cut early. I just thought the vigilante part was interesting. I understand how forms of law rise and why looters would be shot on site. I just don't think it should be curfew based. I was just reading a book that had a shoot to kill curfew law, I saw the video and thought it was intresting.
  5. Welcome to the Wild West: 2007.
  6. people like the guy talking about phesant season scare me. Someone once said "killing is easy, thats why its so dangerous".

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