There's something wrong with my dog.

Discussion in 'General' started by Durchii, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. I dunno guys, what do you think? Prospect hopeless?

  2. aww,my dog looked like that all last week,turned out she just had a really bad stomache ache from eating a bone.

    i hope he gets over it. Dogs are the best pets around.
  3. I think that maybe some extra attention, and maybe an extra treat here and there would help. And they do describe Marijuana for depression in humans, so it might work on dogs, but like every controversial treatment, save it for last, if you even do it.
  4. Damn.. I hate it when my dogs get sick and I dont know how to fix it... shitty feeling. Good luck,
  5. That pug looks like it has a broken heart. Find it a new lover.
  6. I gave him a bone and took his picture. I've done all I can do. :p

  7. Haha. That's such an awesome dog Durchii.

    Aw man I want a pug now. I'd breed it with my chihuahua, and have little Chugs all over the place.
  8. My best friends got a pug. Ultimate stoner dog =]
  9. Hey man, don't laugh! We took Munchie here to a family party last year and drank the night away as he humped my great aunt's male Dauchscund in the grass.

    No joke. :p
  10. he will cheer up a little later in life,,,,, when he discovers that he can lick his own nuts,,,,,,

    it will take a lot to depress him after that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 [​IMG] :cool:

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