Theres Some Toy Story Shit Going On In This House

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    So this girl is house sitting this amazing home in hollywood hills, im staying the night here with her and I swear that these toys have moved since I've been here. Its a lil creepy.

    I'm not stoned, or high on any other drug. And I'm very observant so I know that these toys weren't here 20 min ago. Its even weirder because the kids that live here have told me about spirits in this house before.

    I just hope the toys are friendly...
  2. Carry a sledgehammer in case of an ambush
  3. Burn the house. If you can't burn it salt all doors and circle your bed with salt. Wear a pentagram at all times, and for the love of god you better be praying your ass into some water to make that shit holy because I don't wanna see this shit happenin': [​IMG]
  4. Wtf is salt gonna do?

    ...and have you seen toy story? The toys at Sid's house were super friendly haha
  5. You sure it's Toy Story man?
    You sure it's not Chuckie?
    It's probably Chucky, man. Get that fuckin' sledgehammer.
  6. Oh damn I forgot about that lil heathen. There's no bad vibes here though I don't think I'll be murdered by action figures tonight.

    Holy shit do you guys remember the movie Small Soldiers???
    Just re-watched that a couple weeks ago! Good shit :smoke:
  8. If a barbie came alive I would totally fuck it
    Seems like that might be a little tough to do :laughing:
  10. My dick can't fit in a Barbie, actually I don't think she even has holes. Titty fuck maybe?
  11. Keep some axe and a lighter just incase you get overwhelmed

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  12. If they come at you just punt that shit
  13. set up a complex camera/DVR system and sit in your room for hours and watch the time lapse.
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    Paranormal Activity 4

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  15. those kids are lying you're ok, since you're such a baby buy a pocket knife for extra safety. :)
  16. fuck the toys, you're fucking the girl right?
  17. There's a snake in my boot
  18. Toys hate dogs.
  19. : )

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