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    That feeling of being loved, The sense of a relationship. Ya'll know what im saying if you read my first thread, But this one is to just tell you how amazing i am right now, Yesterday was the greatest day ever. May 28th 2009 :) I got that grin that wont wipe away, I am constantly thinking about that girl and on Saturday when we work together, I think it is going to be a good day.

    Just waking up in the morning, Gotta thank god. I dont know but today seems kinda odd.

    SORRY if this thread has no point...Delete it if you feel the need, I just needed to tell people that ^
  2. I'm at the opposite end of the spectrum, but I kinda like being miserable in a way.
  3. Once you find a reason for a smile, You keep it because you now know how great the feeling is.
  4. I dunno about that. I feel so much better off in life knowing I have a girl that watches my back.
  5. I wasn't talking about not having a girl. I've got one that I love very much (she even lurks GrassCity now and then).

    I've just been absolutely miserable and depressed lately.
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    Im posting a thread, you just encouraged me to, and I am going to link to this one. I have some distinct views on how emotions are handled, and this thread is a good example. Its almost an absence of emotions, with still feeling the emotion, but feeling it differently in a weird, unique way.


    Edit: OP - How old are you? Is this the first way you felt those certain feelings about a woman? (I remember my first, it was the best).
  7. If I had to guess I would say yes it is and if not I am going to be hella surprised. That or he's just really happy he's going to tap a woman 7 years older than him.
  8. I am 18, my girlfriend is 18, and I feel the exact same way. We have been together for 3 months, and I figured out I loved her 1 week ago. I love her with so much emotion I still get butterflies around her :).
  9. miserable morninggg, can't find bud ahhh!
  10. When I first read this I thought to myself: What? Today is the 29?! OH GOD! He's from the future!

    Savor every second of feeling great, for us who can barely feel good (while sober).
  11. It aint the first time, But its just ive never felt that way so soon, Like before all this i could just feel it between us, And she felt it to. I just feel like theres something special between us, And im not going to let it go. im 18.
  12. puppy love... a love worth dying for..
  13. i miss being with someone. not even in a sexual an intimate loving way.

  14. dude got laid huh
  15. fixed

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