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  1. I need some straight forward info about the watering technique and maintenance of the Hempy bucket system. all i basically know is the mix is either 3/4 perlite to 1/4 vermiculite or just 100% Perlite and then you drill a hole in the side 2" from the bottom of the bucket and use hydro nutes. i dont understand Anything about how to water and how to add nutes or when to add nutes. seriously any help would be fantastic just trying to understand the concept fully. this system makes me feel like im doing soilless with a dwc ebb and flow mix to it and i dont know i need more info before i get in to it

    P.s. been looking up google for an answer and i cant find any understandable one... also how would it work with the lucas formula (looked that up too but still not clear on the whole maintenance thing seems like i would be wasting nutes) Thanks for any help in advanced
  2. All nutrients are about the same, choose one

    You just water once every three days to get just a little runoff out of your hole cut in the side of the bucket and your done

    You might have to increase or decease watering based on what the plant wants
  3. well i still dont get it it do you water with plain water do you water with nutes do you fluch every two weeks...
  4. Nutes, nutes, water

    Always ph the nutes and water to 5.8 before use

    Follow a feeding schedule on the nutes you choose, general hydroponics is a good place to start

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