There's gotta be a harder way to make a buck,,,

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  1. haha!

    What are some of the crazy jobs you guys have/had?

    Back in the day when i was livin on the beach i got hooked up with a job building cable TV systems for hi-rises. How is this crazy? I had to build these cable systems on the OUTSIDE of these high rises, AKA hanging off a little steel wire like spiderman climbing across the side of buildings 300 feet high.

    It was pretty fuckin cool, because o got to "hang around" all day and i made mad bank doing it, like 6 figures a year if i whoped ass, which i did, but more importantly, i got to have all kinds of fun! I jumped off a 30 story building and lived, thanks to my safety rope and harnesses. My dad worked with me on buildings and we'd fuck around and do crazy shit all day like go roofdiving, we'd pay out about 10-12 floors worth of rope and huck off the roof and come swingin down and bouncin around. We would work on 30 story buildings and we would get up on the 4th or 5th floor, strap in and jump off. The guy on the bottom would grab the end of the rope and run with it across the parking lot. The guy on the rope would swing out and the guy on the bottom would swing the rope in circles, sending whoever was on the rope for a high speed "flight" around the parking lot like 50-100 feet in the air in circles sometimes 100 feet around. I can't believe they paid me that well to have so much damn fun.

    Work was a pretty gnarly place tho, one slip and it's game over, from 300 feet high. We had to walk on beams across buildings carrying equipmnet with wind blowing off the ocean, we had to drill concrete while balancing on a balcony ledge, sometimes we had to freeclimb smaller buildings cause there was no way to mount a top rope and cageline. The biggest building i had to freeclimb was an 8 story with al kinds of decorations in the concrete that made for handholds, so it was like "urban rock climbing"

    The setup we used was a 30" square metal basket with an electric motor and a pulley on top. a steel cable dangled you off the roof from the support arm, which was counterweighted in the back. Sometimes the wind would catch you on the middle floors and blow you away from the side of the building and you'd have to wait of the wind to stop and your cage comes swinging back into the building sometimes crashing into the wall pretty hard and knocking your tools off.

    Ever see a hammer hit the ground from 300 feet high? it makes a good dent in asphalt. They called us crazy, and we were, but it was fun!

    So how about you, any crazy jobs you had?
  2. Dont think I ever did anything that exciting,

    I worked as high voltage commercial electrician, for a few years. I was lucky and never got hammered. I learned early to respect electricity.

    Probably the worst I can remember was cleaning out low rent apts and houses. The roaches were so bad we painted over them. Trash all over the places, people defficating in rooms,

    Lets see......Since about 16...Ive tried

    general const laborer
    warhouse worker
    customer service
  3. I work at McDonalds!!! WOOHOOOO talk about exictment... yea so not really
  4. I was an intern at a graphic design company and I worked at DQ. This summer I'm going to wait tables and hopefully get in to bartend.
  5. I insert newspapers one night a week and do labouring work on building sites for my old man whenever it's possible. Exciting stuff!
  6. I used to be a ride operator at an amusement park...that was fun :D

    Last fall, and I think I'll be doing it again this spring, I crew on hot air balloon flights...I love doing that!
  7. hell yeah, ride operator is some fun shit!

    I used to work in an arcade, and they used to pay me to walk around playing videogames, and sweeping up stuff people drop on the floor. Why is sweeping the floor of an arcade so dope? Beacuse peole drop money while trying to get a token out when they're fiendin' for the continue credit haha!!!

    I used to basically get my paycheck in tokens and the money i swept up paid the bills, i made my whole week's check sometimes in an hour, in cash.

    For those of you who know, i worked at Grand Prix in hollywood

    Back then there was some thugged out shit goin' onin there, one night i'm standin inside by the front door and some dude walked up to this one fat dude walkin in, busted out a 25 auto and popped one off. It didn't even break the skin this dude was so big it just absorbed it and bounced off and this dude straight knocks him the fuck out and beats the fuck outta him right there like 5 feet from me, pretty crazy, but anyways, ride operator,,

    Workin there back in tha day i used to run the G-loc machine. For those who don't remenber, or just said WTF? rightn now G-loc was the first 360 degree full motion air combat game, at the time it was a breakthrough in arcade tech, with processer controlled stepper motors and shizz, we,, i got to run this during the rushes cause i was a badass operator. Part of operating this game includes taking on the radioas the player's wingman, so every 10 minutes i got to play backseat pilot with a noob on tha machine and get 'em so wigged out that they get straight nutty. So all night i sit there behind this big hi res screen next to this machine and watch people fly, and play wingman on the radio,,,"He's on your tail, shake him loose!!!", comin' around from 3:00", Confirmed kill, you got 'em!!!" and then i had to talk them down to a carrier landing all real and shit, it was tha shizzle!

    but now i kinda do that for real at my job now. except not with combat, but radiowork and stuff.

    Speaking of operatng rides, for a short while i was working in one of the world's largest cleanrooms building maglev laser furnaces for making silicon for computer chips, amn that place was a fuckin trip, we usedta call it the "space station", cause it was, outside was dusty dry desert, and looked like some kind of alien world outside, and after you suited up in level 5 containment, went through the airlocks, you were in this 70 foot high room the size of a football field underground wih all kinds of cool shit, giant 4 story tall laser furnaces, magnetic levitation chambers, and you could get lost in there everything was white. I was a dust free concrete deriiling specailist and i would be on the bottom floor drilling pads, part of my job was lifting these big sections int place with the built in ceiling crane, it was cool, it had a remote control with a joystick and up an down controls and it was like playing the teddy bear claw a prize games with these 4 ton baseplates that i was setting after i drilled the foundations out, that was pretty crazy too.
  8. unbelievable!!
  9. i work at mcdonalds :|

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