There's an abandoned house...

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  1.'s been sitting abandoned for months and months now, maybe a year. The grass has grown about two feet tall, the windows are boarded up, and there is graffiti all over the walls.

    Now that I'm high, I had the realization that I could burn down that house, and I've been trying to decide if it's morally wrong. It's obviously illegal, so I will obviously not actually burn the house down.

    But still, do you think it'd be morally wrong?
  2. Yes, seeing as you could potentionally burn down other houses, trees, cars close to it

    And whats the point? You could get caught and face jailtime for arson all for just a couple hours of watching a burning house?

    I personnally would rather set up some sort of grow in there then torch it
  3. Everybody's morals are different
  4. just gonna burn it down for the lols?
  5. You dont own it. if you do anything to it that fucks with its value then you are doing something morally wrong. Simple as that.

    If it was yours, id say burn that mother fucker to the grounds and show us the video! haha
  6. Why be an idiot? Thats a prime smoking spot for you and your sophomore buddies to smoke at, don't ruin it.
  7. Hahah you dumbass....burn joints, not abandoned houses
  8. Yes. Other houses. In the middle of a field. I would wait until a good few days of rain to soak the grass and then do it.

    The house is obviously going to be demolished either way.

  9. My house seems pretty prime already :confused:
  10. Think long and hard if you think itll affect anybody negatively, if not go for it. Who wouldnt wanna watch a house burn down?
  11. Well I wouldn't say that it's "right" but everybodies morals are different.
  12. Burn, baby, BURN! :cool:
  13. haha makes me think of that one scene from 8 mile
  14. Burning it would be pretty cool to watch and no one would get hurt.

    Also, rebuilding would help stimulate the local economy.

    The only people who would suffer are bastard insurance agencies who will make back the money in zero time anyways.

    It also gives firefighters something to do.
  15. Ide say do it. but prepared to be so paranoid for months if you do. They will obviously know its arson, as the power, water and gas are all shut off. Not to mention im sure you would plan on using gas to start it, which is actually pretty easy for them to tell.
  16. Pics or gtfo!

  17. ehh yes... I know what you're saying, but it's still morally wrong.
    The same thing happened in my neighborhood there was an abandoned house, grass grown 4 feet high, was emtpy for years. I thought about breaking in just to snoop around, getting into general mischief, what have you. I never did though, because I'm 28 and I'm too old to be running around doing those things.

    Well eventually some one did torch the house. I guess some kids had been hanging out in it, and there was a ton of paint, wood finish in the basement. The thing went up like a torch. The fire department had to come back twice to put it out. The whole neighborhood was out watching lol

    I dont know about the house your thinking about. But this house ended up damaging the two neighbors houses on the side of it. And now it's just an empty lot, has been that way for a year.
  18. It's not abandoned, I'm just not a very successful homeowner.
  19. Lol^

    Also no one should say it's wrong because its illegal. Smoking weed is illegal. So is downloading music, I'm sure most of us do that. Also jaywalking.

  20. Smoking weed doesnt hurt any one, downloading music, jaywalking are all pretty minor things.

    Felony Arson isn't lol

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