There's a ZOMBIE in my box!!!!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by THCZombie760, May 20, 2016.

  1. Boom!!! 3 weeks into flower and I think she's amazing!!!! How about y'all!! :) ;)

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  2. Oh yeah she's looking good. You ready for the stretch?
  3. No!!!!! I've got to build her another box cuz she's bustin at the seems in the one she's in now!!!! Panic mode activated!!!!!

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  4. She's pretty!!!!
  5. Here's mine at about the same time in flower. I amazing how much it stretched. There are three plants all together in this shot. It's kind of hard to see just the one.

  6. A few weeks later it really got going.

  7. Thank you
  8. That's nuts!!!! She's a georgeous green man!!!! What strain is she and what lights are those if I may ask!!????

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  9. It's from bagseed idk unfortunately. I have a few friends that have tried many many strains. I think they tried 60 70 strains this last year. I'm going to give out some samples and see if it can be narrowed down. The big girl in the pics is a Sativa for sure. She's such a dark green. It's beautiful. Smaller one in soil is Sativa as well. Fairly certain. The leaves are somewhat broad but mostly thin. I have one Indica in hydro also. The light is a Sunlight Supply 150 watt HPS with two 100 watt CFL same color spectrum as HPS. I keep my CFLS within an inch or two of tops. No heat issue. I keep the HPS within 5 6 inches of tops. No heat burn no issues. Green green green. A friend of mine did a white widow X big bud cross. Huge white frosty buds. Same light. One fan. I've had my same light from sunlight supply for 2 years plus. Same bulb that came with it. Price was unbelievable. Very affordable. My local shop had a 20% off sale.

    THis the one. I don't know if I'd buy it used. Probably just fine. Mine was new for 79.99.

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