Theres a wasp in my fridge.

Discussion in 'General' started by BakedRevelations, Nov 9, 2014.

  1. Well this is a new one.

    Was just making some delicious deviled eggs after a pleasant wake & bake, and just as I went to put them in the fridge, a wasp zoomed in and hid in the light compartment.

    I've laid a trap, but I have my doubts that it will actually work. If it fails, will the wasp eventually die of cold, or can it survive in there?


    P.S. Here's a picture of the deviled eggs:

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  2. Roll up a newspaper, creep up on the fridge.  Rip the door open while shouting "RIGHT  YA BASTAD!!" and then go batshit crazy with the rolled up paper in the fridge...
    That's what I'd do :)
  3. I doubt it'll die of the cold. I'd say your best bet is to give it a toe-to-toe with a newspaper

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  4. Happened to me once. The carcass is still on the bottom of the fridge actually....
    Are those olives on the deviled eggs? Fucking genius.
  5. I pummelled the light compartment with a fly swatter, but it won't budge.
    I can see it through a crack.
    Mocking me.
  6. I'd only do that if it was a
  7. he's plotting, with a full belly

  8. Just get a bat and go to town on that fridge.
  9. No need to set your house on fire, just the fridge. It should make the news.
  10. It should die in like a day.. 
  11. get a can of air compressed air and try to either freeze him or blow him out.   No, try to suck him out with a vacuum crevice tool.
  12. Bees don't fuck with the cold, they hate it...and they only have a lifespan of 30 to 40 days...and that's even shorter in the cold, no food and no nest...

    Also don't be a pussy, I would knock down entire wasp nests in the garage as a kid with a big stick...and smack bumble bees with a paddle (the bumble bees with the yellow dot on their heads don't have stingers so u can catch them and throw em at people and watch em lose their shit)...

    Peoples unrational fear of bees, spiders and snakes is funny to me

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  14. Mission complete.

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  15. Must bee cool :)
    Dude is that boiling water? That's fuckin cruel :laughing: but AWESOME!
  17. I was hoping it was going in the bong water

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  18. My mom made something similar for halloween. They looked like eyeballs since she used black olives.

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