There's a rebel in every society

Discussion in 'General' started by 420girlie, Feb 28, 2002.

  1. Today I was sitting in front of our wood stove and I had the urge for toasted marshmello's. So I proceed to the kitchen cupboards looking for marshmello's. All I can find are the mini kind, but hey, what the hell. I grab a marshmello fork and head to the wood stove ;) I inch open the door on the wood stove and toast on. I start out w/ just two, then four, then six at a time and not a single loss yet :) So I figure what the hell why not go for seven? I never know when to quit do I? I always gotta push it. I started toasting 'em and everything was lookin' good, but that little fucker popped out and fell to the bottom and proceded to catch on fire igniting all six of the other ones which exploded into a raging ball of fire with a blistering hot drippy sugary gooey center :(

    That little fucker!

    Well, I guess there's a rebel in every society;)
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  2. sorry man.
  3. solution - longer forks

    gotta hate the ones that catch on fire to spite ya....
  4. I hate it when them rascles get a mind of their own. It is better them than you!

    I love toasted marshmellows. Just to sweet to eat very often!
  5. Well look on the bright side, you didn't fling a flaming molten sticky good to eat napalm bomb across the room and hit someone with it, becuase that hurts.
  6. Or drop it so I step on it!!:smoking:
  7. Get a "mountain pie" maker.......and make peanut butter smores..............(A personal favorite way to win this mans heart :D)
  8. did you at least get to eat any???!!! :)
  9. similar to that one beer bottle in the case that's cap won't twist off.

  10. or that could be one guy controlling one setting who gets off everynite thinking of that ONE bottle in every case that wont twist off....muhahahaha
    i know there outthere.....
  11. how do you know?
    are you one of them?
  12. it was the laugh , wasnt it? always wanted to use it!
    i would never do such a thing.......but i pictured a man working with the eggs i buy every week.placing the CRACKED ONES TURNED UPSIDE DOWN....figured he had a friend workin with your beer is all.... i swear!!
  13. does critter2 still lurk? or did he find the happy weed and is gone? lovely rants ive read from critter2.
  14. Can I get in on this conversation?
  15. sure. got something to say, say it.
    You are the second oldest member on this forum. (In terms of when you signed up)
    I just had to quote you for epicness. 
  17. gr8 1 m8. Epic bump for an epicly randumb thread dudebro! kek
    Oddly enough I knew this was an old thread before looking at the date. It feels like it's lacking 'modern' nuance and internet culture.
  19. That's some serious ASCII skill. It's like I'm really back in 02'.

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