There's a mouse in my room!

Discussion in 'General' started by Jackattack, Jan 15, 2006.

  1. It's moving around behind this one desk thing it's sounds big! It's freaking me out I keep thinking it gonna come out of no where and jump on me lol.
  2. do you have any mousetraps?
    if you can catch it, put it in a container and hot box it.
  3. Mice are like the size of ping pong balls. You haven't seen a big rodent until you encounter a group of foot long rats.
  4. No This one mouse in our house is like the size of a rat. I got freaked out some more so i went ahead and got my cat in my room. He's searching around at the moment.

  5. Then it probably is a rat :D Because mice aren't very big at all. If it looks like a mouse but bigger, there's a real good chance it's a rat. But anyway, cat > rat.
  6. dude i have one in my room to and it is always making a noise i learned to not listen
  7. A pet mouse or a wild mouse living in your room?
  8. Yeah man, i was laying in my bed on night, reading, just finished smoking a joint and a mouse ran across my night table.

    I screamed like a little girl and threw my book at it; i was high, it scared the crap out of me.

    My cat caught it the next day though... so i suggest you buy a cat.
  9. Do you have a really powerful pellet gun by any chance?

    Or, this might smell bad, but next time you see it, light a match in front of an aeresol can and roast the little fucker.
  10. Best idea I heard all night.
  11. cool. make it live there, feed it and get it high. mice arent bad
  12. I'm buzzin from a perkaset and that made me laugh my ass off~
  13. We did that with a little turtle once.

    We named it Hitler. Hitler the turtle; he'd get all high and swim into the walls of his container.
  14. wanna know what the sick thing about that is?

    Mice have bad eyes, but a very good sense of smell. Mice usually live in large numbers and since they cannot see too well the only way they have to find each other is by leaving a trail of urine EVERYWHERE they go for the other mice to sniff out and follow. sick eh?
  15. blacklight ftw ahahaha
  16. Think thats bad? one time i was chillin in my living room one fine night, blazed as hell and i hear sounds coming from the kitchen. I go in to see whats the matter, and on my kitchen table, is a fucking footlog rat having a seizure!i nearly had a fucking heartattack when it spasmed itself right of the table on to the ground before dieing, right where we eat.
  17. ps rats dont pee everywhere they just drag there nutsacks

  18. ive had pet rats and mice and they are the shit! they are really smart, playful, and pretty chill. my rats learned how to stay on my shoulder, so i could walk around the house with a rat on my shoulder and sit there, they also liked marijuana. i used to sit on my couch with one of my rats on my shoulder (only the guy rat liked to smoke) and take a hit and blow it to my pal, and he would enjoy it. man make one of those traps, with like an animal cracker box, and put cheese in the back of it, and put it like next to your desk, and watch it, and when the mouse runs into it pick up the box. and keep it as a pet. you can get a cool mouse habitat for cheap at petsmart or a store like that. and just feed it and give it water every day, play with it, and smoke it up. new smoking buddy. no more smoking alone
  19. I dont know about catching it and shit...dont wild rats carry rabies and shit?
  20. not all the time

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