There's a civil war going on in the city

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  1. Have you noticed?

    There's a bloody civil war going on in the city. Heads getting blown up, sniper rifles and RPG launchers and shit like that...

    It's bloody annoying, isn't it?

    People can't go shopping... can't go eat at restaurants... heck, we can't even go out of our houses.

    Bloody protesters...
  2. No i haven't noticed. Link please?
  3. were not talking about GRASS city righttttt?
  4. Confused. China?
  5. Every war is a civil war because we are all brothers.
  6. Isn't civil war an oxymoron though?
  7. bingo
  8. Lol whaaaaat. Someone is playing too much grand theft auto :smoking:
  9. its a real time gedankenexperiment. now brainstorm ye fellow forumites! indeed there are people suffering, in the middle east... um yeah. RPGS are pretty bad and so are people getting sniped.
  10. Not really.

    We aren't talking about being civil like two people who don't really like each other but tolerate each other.
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    well nvm i guess i only got 4 in a row

    why u gotta take away my free space like that?
  12. You talking about Bangkok?
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    Whats goin down?

    EDIT: just read about all the Bangkok conflict, wtf is that..... the article doesnt really say whats going down.... Someone got sniped, and it lead to a revolt by the "red shirts".... im so confused!!! GC help me out wallstreet journal doesnt know shit
  14. :confused_2::hide:

    yep thats how i feel right now with this thread.
  15. Ima grab my pitchfork
  16. at first I was like :smoking::D, then I started reading, then I was like, :eek::confused:, then I scrolled down, then I was like, :(:mad:, now i'm all like :confused::confused_2:.
  17. I am so. Fucking. Confused.
  18. Yeah, remind me to shove it in OP's ass for making such a ridiculously generic post that after two pages of asking, we still don't know WTF is going on here...:rolleyes:
  19. they look heavily armed [​IMG]

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