theres a bat in my house

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  1. any ideas on the best way to go about catching it..
  2. A butterfly net. Please don't kill it, bats are virtually harmless to humans, and kill all kinds of good things like mosquitoes. If you can, try and make a bat house, and get him to live there. It will reduce the amount of blood sucking demons around your home.
  3. MD represent!
    try a butter... oh wait. epiq suggested that
    wrap a cloth around a stick that is shaped like a Y and catch it like that?
  4. ehh i dont have a butterfly net. i might neeed to ghetto rig something and make my own
  5. Don't catch it. Open a window for the bat to fly out and turn off the lights in the room. When I was at camp we would open the door and hit the door frame with the broom, the bat would fly out the door ... but I don't know if that broom thing really worked, but the noise kept it from landing, which a bat will do once the room is dark.

    And then you'll have to catch it. And bats have rabies.
  6. [ame=]YouTube - The Office - There's A Bat in the Office[/ame]

    one of my favorite scenes from the office.
  7. That's one of my favorite scenes from The Office too.
  8. [​IMG]

    pick it up and put it outside? :wave:
  9. i got it out, trapped it in a bucket and tossed it outside, i jus hope it didnt bite me while i was sleeping, seeing as it was in my room when i 1st found it
  10. ahaha. from the title, i thought you just meant a baseball bat.

    i was like "shit, son. you're hardcore."
  11. Maybe your user name should be "AtraxBats"?
    *da da doosh tsss* :D

    But on the realzz dood. .
    One time I was awoken to my dad finding a dead bat laying at the fucking FOOT OF MY BED.
    I'm pretty sure my cat killed it.
    I was pretty freaked.
    No idea how the fuck it got in as none of my windows were open
    Luckily, neither I, or (wait, is it nor? fuck it. .) my cat contracted rabies :hello:

    So maybe you just need to get a gangster-ass-vampire-slaying cat like mine to take care of that blood sucker
  12. Open the windows and mercilessly chase the fucker around the house until it leaves.
  13. Reminds me of a time I was high as fuck after not smoking for awhile and a bat snuck into the house through the fireplace at like 1 in the morning. I freaked the fuck out cause there's never any bats around my house, and proceeded to turn on the porch light, open all the doors and windows, and hide under the dining room table.
  14. epic post

    haha at my old apartment at like 1 in the morning if i stood out on my porch i could watch hundreds of bats just fly in patterns. was trippy stuff

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