There really is a difference between Whiskey and Vodka.

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  1. So I usually drink whiskey with steel reserve. I don't have horrible hang overs or anything but I definitely feel messed up the next day. I celebrated my promotion at work with some friends and I had some vodka instead of the usual whiskey, and let me tell ya, there's a huge difference the next day!
    I woke up today sort of in a stupor, but I actually felt pretty good. A little dehydrated but after chugging a bottle of water and having a bagel I feel normal again. Usually after drinking whiskey it's a process getting back normal. And I can never eat breaded things. 
    I think I might switch to Vodka :laughing:

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  2. The aging whiskey goes through adds flavor, but it can definitely add to the hangover as well. Same with any dark liquor, or red wine.
    More congeners, more taste, more regret the next day.
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  3. White whiskey (homemade) ... Is the drink for I

    "Surrounded by haters"
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  4. Yeah I can only drink silver tequila, wake up a bit tired but nothing coffee can't fix. Anything else and it's a headache and coffee isn't fixing that...

    Vodka makes me violent... tequila makes me chill.
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  5. I always prefer the light colored alcohols. Doesn't make me feel as bad overall.
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  6. There is a lot of myths about dark vs clear liquors and which get you drunker or a worse hang over.
    I personally believe it has more to do with which you can stomach better. think about it. drinking a really good tasting whiskey all night and when you wake up you still have that taste in your mouth. imagine that being IPA beer or some really nasty wine and that taste will be messing you up hardcore.
    but really it has more to do with how much and how fast you drank the night before. I used to drink a 5th a night of either whiskey or tequila and I would never really have that bad of a hang over. when I went to the bar with peeps then went home to drink my self even more into a stupor I would have the worst hang overs imaginable.
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  7. Steel reserve?  So you like making alcohol taste as bad as possible? :laughing:

     I cannot drink that shit.  I always picture 211 being made in a trashcan in new jersey.
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  8. Acting like its whiskey vs vodka when you are drinking steel reserve with the whiskey :laughing: . Cut out the crap beer and your hang over probably wont be so bad.
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    LOL! It's so fuckin' cheap though! It's $1.49 for just a 24 oz can! 
    It probably is made in a trash can! :laughing:

    Very good point! Steel Reserve is like my warm up drink then I drink the other stuff after. But you are right! The Steel Reserve probably doesn't help in the slightest!
  10. learned about congeners and their high toxicity levels in my drugs class in collge. Definitely interesting how they impact the way you feel.
    that class got me into a variety of drugs ha
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  11. I'm a heavy whiskey drinker but i do reemebr the first time i drank vodka i done got sick off like 7 shots. still never been sick off whiskey even after drinking a whole pint in a few horusous
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    Those drug classes are hilarious. Sad to say, but I've done many of those years and years ago :(
    They're like, "X makes you feel amazing for 4-5 hours, so amazing you can't put words to it! but remember guys, don't do it!!"
    Haha okay!!
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    7 shots is a good amount in my opinion. Believe me, I drink a lot, but I don't get black out wasted. 7 shots and I'd probably be good for the night.
  14. All types of alcohol carry a vastly different effect for me.
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  15. Whats wrong with IPA? I would much rather have the fruity or earthy hoppy flavor of a nice IPA in my mouth when I wake up than the harsh flavors of liquor. :bongin:
  16. although we did discuss addiction, most of the class was on objective effects of drugs and medicinal effects of drugs. It was a pharmacology course so it wasnt focused on the dangers of drugs but just drugs in general. Definitely one of the more interesting public health classes that i took.
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    Oh okay. So it was more from an objective stand point than my classes. Mine were like, all drugs are bad mkay! :laughing:
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    haha ya it was. I always thought drugs that push to abstain from drugs were counterintuitive

    edit: i mean drug class that push
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    So are you gonna become a pharmacist or something? Just wondering why you had to take those classes? Shoot me a PM if you don't wanna derail the thread but it's not like there's a whole lot happening right now lol.
    EDIT: Didn't even realize this was my own thread, so go for it :laughing: :laughing: 
  20. lol it is yourr thread. But im interested in medical school. runs in my family (dad is doctor and both sister are doctors). I just got my B.S. in Public Health. Its a growing field that is very important and i found more interest in PH than bio or biochem or something like that
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