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    That shit was bananas b-a-n-a-anas

    Our starting QB still sucks dick

    We need to start Tom Brandstater, then we will be unbeatable, oh and did you see that defense and special teams? DAMN

    [ame=""]YouTube - NFL Broncos vs Bengals Highlights WK 1[/ame]
  2. At least you don't have Cutler lolol
  3. I personally hate cutler, INT machine. But fuck Orton too, Our best win of the year (and only one of preseason) was the one game where Orton was replaced with Tom Brandstater who connected with our offense perfectly and great accuracy and arm...but yeah at least we don't have cutler
  4. Not really a big football fan but did see this entire game with friends and was a damn good one for sure.

    The last play they were trying so hard to keep it going, I was on all into it, heh.
  5. it was a fun game for sure, the funny part is that Ortons SHITTY passing actually won us the game
  6. I think you have me on block from Laker Nugget series... :wave:

    But that game was pure shit luck. I still think this year is going to be hard to swallow. If Denver is expected to only win 5 games... Well I just dont remember the last time that happened.. I think it was 19 years ago.

    Denvers O line is still looking good though. I can't wait till Knoshon starts tearing it up.

    So what did everybody think about McDaniels debut? He gained some of my respect, but the jury is still out.. Cutler throwing 4 pics sure made him look good though.. :smoke:
  7. I didnt know Brandstater was on the Broncos, another Fresno St QB i've kicked it with a couple times :D

    Amazing win tho, thought u guys were done for sure.

  8. No I dont have you blocked lol, Our whole defense looked great to me, they could only move the ball down the field one time, our corners were knocking down balls left and right, we stopped the run, got plenty of sacks...and Brian god

    and yeah, as i said that broncos win was because Orton cant throw, not something to rely on

    I thought we were done too, but yeah Brandstater really clicks with our offense, he played most of game 4 in the preseason here is a video

    [ame=]YouTube - NFL Preseason Week 4- Arizona Cardinals vs Denver Broncos[/ame]
  9. Yeah it's weird seeing our defense take care of things, while the offense struggles.. Dawkins leadership is a good influence on them too :smoke:
  10. Yea I'm a Bengals fan and that pretty much blew. It was a good game though.
  11. Tough for the Lakers? winning? Anyways that was an awesome ending but the broncos do suck. They should have blown a team like the Bengals out of the water. There's no excuse for that game being so close tbh. And that backup will be starting soon cause Orton will show his inadequacies soon.

  12. That is what I am hoping cause we have EVERYTHING player wise but a quarterback cause we are starting orton....with our defense we shoulda won 45 to 7 ...but Orton blows dick so we barely scraped by
  13. 49ers beat Cardinals in Arizona and no one gave a crap.
  14. Nobody gives a crap about the 49ers ha ha jk, we are talking about their miracle win against the bengals, I will edit my first post to have the video in it, the Arizona video is just to show our back up QB is way better than our starter

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