There is no you

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  1. I was never born. I will never die. These are ideas created by the ego
  2. Alright. So where did the body holding your soul come from?

  3. Well then you have to ask is your identity of "I" simply the body or does it go farther than that?

    For instance if I decide to buy a bike and ride on it, simply for the adventure of riding the bike, I will become "one" with that bike for the bike ride... simply so I can have the full experience of riding the bike. However, that bike is only a temporary fixture. The bike is not my true identity, it is just a tool I am using to have a certain experience.
  4. The bike was created from objective materials (nature), your experience is subjective (mental ego).

  5. The experience is

    If you add more, then yes ego might be involved ;)
  6. So the bike doesn't exist?
  7. The bike exists, and I will ride it.

    Is more needed to say?
  8. I <3 endless questions :D
  9. My point is, couldn't we then seperate objective (nature, what we can all accept as reality, the bike DOES exist to ALL of us) with subjective (experience with said bike, personality, truths, beliefs, reality TO YOU)?

  10. Before I answer, I must ask. What are you seeking?
  11. Just voicing my opinions.. enlightenment I suppose
  12. Enlightened is your natural state of being :)
  13. Who or what is seeking enlightenment?

  14. We are all natural, yet seperated by ego/personality.:D

  15. You might be on to something :D
  16. Like I said, I am just voicing my opinions, which is that we are all connected to the souce (nature/"god"(I believe to be energy)), yet seperated by our own reality (personality/ego)

  17. I understand. I was just expressing my opinion that seeking enlightenment is only a distraction from being. This is a learning and being process for us all, and the source of all opinions is one, so voice what you will :)
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    I agree. We should focus on nothing but being ourselves. However, could you say we have a true self (or what we are expected to be)? I say no... but I'm interested in others opinions.

    Think of atoms. Protons, electrons (and neutrons but we'll ignore them for now). Atoms create the universe correct? Now what is an electron? It is the negative to the atom. Think of the ego as the electron. When existing within "only" (believing it anyways) the ego, you create an importance to only self (what you create as reality)(hell). Now consider the proton as the source (nature). The proton is the positive charge to an atom. As you move toward accepting your "proton", you realise that we are all one (come from the same source). Do you understand what I'm trying to say?

    My belief is that we should only exist with the intention of sharing as many "protons" (positive energy) as possible to become one (heaven). Choose to believe this as you see fit, or not at all.


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