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    Do you believe you exist?

    There is brain, there is body, there are thoughts, but these aren't 'yours'.
    They just are.

    Brain made "you" up.
    Brain made you up.

    There is no you.
    "I does not exist."

    There is no experiencer. There is just experience.

    "There's no you living your life. Just life living itself.
    There's no you perceiving, just perception.
    There's no you to read this, just the reading of it."

    "you" is an illusion, glitch of the mind

    "the thinker is the thought" - nothing more.

    some sources:
    here's topic on philosophy Do you believe a 'you' exists? -

    and some of many posts of quite a few blogs about this 'experience':

    Burning True: Reality Alone
    Burning True: The Answer
    The Self is False: Free at last

    long read written by creator of Ruthless Truth forum Ruthless Truth: The Thunder And The Sunshine

    and here's very very good FAQ: Gh0$t V1rU$: FAQs
  2. everything is nothing
    nothing is everything
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    you're too abstract...
    answer question

    My statements are concrete, think about them, logically, sceptically, deeply.
  4. Everything is on it's way to somewhere.
  5. okay, I think everything is one, but each single part of everything is unique not one thing is exactly the same.

    I am you but a different you, the earth is everyone but nobody. Everything added together is one, but when one is split it is individual.

    Like a network of fungus, mycellium or sumthing, every part is individual but together it makes one network.

    My thoughts are taken from the unconcious and brought into the concious due to everything happening around and within me.

    Its really hard for me to explain what i believe, what I have said is what i kinda beleive because I still don't know what I beleive

  6. Yeah, like ... everything is somewhere, man.
    Hubert Farnsworth
  7. I think therefore i am.

    Which means, if there were no thoughts, there would be no thinker. And, since there are thoughts, you and i must exist.

    Note that existence does not guarantee form and it does not provide any other description of the thinker.
  8. Dude this is all a game, nothing is actually real.
  9. how can you tell if something is real?

    to me everything is real because I fel/saw/experienced it, dreams are real thoughts are real, games are real its all real to me
  10. The children's philosophy forum is that way. ---->
  11. There is no I actually ;)

    just a you :p
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    I believe you have to accept the fact that you=reality. Whatever your mind makes real, is what is real FOR YOU. Other's view of reality may be completely different but that's ok! Think of the old saying "variety is the spice of life".

    I definitely see where your coming from, technically your brain did make "you" up, but why? My belief is you= the sum of your experiences. If this were true to you, you'd realise that you must accept a reality to be you. But this is just what I think..

    Now I have a little idea I want you to ponder. Imagine what causes "reality". It is all electric currents being processed in the brain, correct? Now, going off the ideology of we all create our own reality, who's to say all of our currents are on the same frequency? Maybe your black is my white? Maybe your "feeling" when you touch something feels completely different from what I feel? Maybe sounds are completely different from what I hear? Just something to think about.

  13. Exactly, nothing is actually real.
  14. Perhaps all these descriptions of the experience IS me? The summation of all experience, and the mechanism through which we do it all

  15. i liked this but now i want to like it more by quoting it.
  16. I agree for the most part.

    There is the identity of I, or you, which we create, and which is an illusion. It is all of the experiences, or rather all of the various bits and pieces of our experiences that we have carefully selected, and put together and created saying "this is me". This identity is not real, because it exists entirely in the past, which has no substance. This identity cannot exist in the present moment.

    Then there is what I think of as "I", which is the totality of my experience, of my existence, in this present moment (as opposed to bits and pieces of past experiences). this "I" is a constantly changing experience, the only constant in this experience is the underlying awareness in which the experience is contained.

    In my opinion the latter is real, the former is not real at all.
  17. there is ME

    for the rest of you typers.. idk
  18. I agree to a certain degree.
  19. i degree to a certain agree

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