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  1. I am a fairly new user of GC, and I have enjoyed being a member very much so far. When I first joined I figured everyone would be very loving and happy and friendly with everyone else, just a vibe I get from most tokers, but I have been very disappointed lately. All of my opinions and contributions to threads may not always please everyone who is involved, but I still feel that people should be respectful of them. I am not speaking only for myself, but for every other user and human being there is. I have seen a lot of hate on GC for unnecessary reasons, and hate is NEVER necessary. I think people should try harder to be respectful to others in this forum and stop name calling, and stop ragging on thoughts an input of others. I have received a few hateful messages from some crabby ass people. These messages accomplish nothing. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE think about other people's feelings when you are posting and be respectful to everyone you come in contact with, you never know when you might push someone over the edge, or cause someone to do something harmful to themselves just because you feel like being disrespectful to them. This world does not make time for us to be hateful towards one another and it is a senseless way to handle things. Hold back if you feel anger towards someone, it is not worth it to lash out and try to knock them down. The more you hate, the more angry you become, and the hatred will live on and the battle on hatred will continue to be a losing one.

    Peace, Love, and Good Vibes everyone, please be respectful at all costs and think about things before acting!
  2. Yeah man. I certainly respect you. Keep toking.
  3. [ame=]YouTube - Mind Games - John Lennon[/ame]
  4. same here man keep toking
  5. You can't expect everyone to be peaceful and happy. Hate is a human emotion and some people are full of more hate than others. I think what would be better is for all of us to simply ignore posts full of hatred and not give them any merit, instead of trying to preach to those that you deem hateful.
  6. ^^ agreed. AND no steriotypes either! :p
  7. Then there would be no E-thugs!!:rolleyes:
  8. yeah, i'm shocked that my thread "what do you hate that everybody else loves" has gotten 12K views and so many replies...
    i really didn't want to start a hate-fest like that ;)

    but you're right, many people here are very neg.
    i think it's because the average age here is very young compared to other boards.
    and there are many americans :D

    watch me getting hated on for these comments. :eek:
  9. I'm American and I got nothing but love for everyone on this post. Matter of fact, compared to other forums i've been to, this is more of a relaxed one, where not alot of people bicker.

    @ Troy McLure ^^ I suppose everybody is entitled to their opinions though. However i dont agree with it. If you think people are going to hate on you for what you say, perhaps you should keep comments like that to yourself. Im pretty sure that this thread was to deter comments like yours. Have a great day though, i dont hold anything against you for not being respectful of others
  10. Unfortunately these threads don't accomplish much either. What you say is true, but in all honesty it's not going to change much.

    Like Agalloch said, just ignore people filled with hate and let them live their sad lives.
  11. Hey man I know what you mean....some people are usually just messing around you know? But I've had threads that I've deleted/asked for them to be removed because of the hate I get and I've seen it happen to others too. Just remember that not everyone is a negative nancy.
  12. Hey, my name isn't Nancy!


  13. that^


    fuck it

    someting like 90 % of the people out there suck. learn to deal with them both here and irl the same way.

    assholes come and go no mater where you are
    here they usually dont get the chance to last long at all
  14. Nuff' Said
  15. Name calling and disrespect doesn't fly here at the city. Report those posts and a staff member will take care of it.

    Now mind you, that doesn't mean folks can't disagree with you, but if it turns into a flamefest, staff will deal with it, but the posts need to be reported. Way too big a forum for us to read every post. ;)
  16. these threads only come out when someone is knew to a forum and they can't seem to handle the crowd, believe me I've experienced the hateful ppl on here but usually their just the trolls with nothing to do, ones you get down and meet the people their sweet and awesome!!. yeah their alot of haters around here too just report their asses half of the time they don't stay for long only cause trouble and go.
  17. tisk unfortunate for the people who feel like its neccessary to bash others and flame them.

    1. Relax
    2. Smoke a Bowl
    3. Enjoy the people who enjoy doing the same thing as you

    Peace, Love & Weed
  18. fuck em. Some people are optimistic, some are pesimistic party poopas.

    Some people are too smug nd think they got all the answers, some people are just argumentive, some are just too high and overthinking shit and starting an e-brawl w/o even realizing. And some people are just asshats.

    Sooooo, fuck em nd their oppinions, everyone has their own. Diversity is what makes a community intersting. Fuck cookie cutter shit. Do you.

    Like sublime once sang ...... "ooee girl and there really ain't no time to waste
    really ain't no time to hate
    ain't got no time to waste, time to hate "

    relax nd take notes while I :bongin::bongin:

  19. man, trust me, if i couldnt handle the crowd id dip out already, but its just somethin to think about, and shit can change if people would stop being so stubborn and actually think about shit before they act on their impulses. Yes it is a human emotion and it is natural but a little self control and you do not HAVE to act on it. Dont get me wrong, I love GC the forum is awesome, and yeah it is much more chill than other shit. I have played facebook poker and seriously 95 percent of the poker tables blow up in fights, its kinda funny to be honest, but idk, the shit is obviously stupid and it IS a forum that is essentially not really all that important, but with what joy the forum does offer, I think it would be much better if people did just hold back, so we can get this movement for peace on the MOVEEEE!!!


    and you can say what you want about why i posted this, but dont knock on me for posting it, geez, if you dont like it then fuckin ignore it and get out of here, dont comment something complaining about it, simple as that!!

  20. yeahhhhh :cool:

    [ame=]YouTube - biggie smalls DEAD WRONG (the real shit)[/ame]

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