there is no pain, you are receding. a distant ship on the horizon.

Discussion in 'General' started by hunteraugustine, Sep 4, 2008.

  1. so i woke up today, left my ipod on last night, and comfortably numb had just come on shuffle.
    waked 'n' baked with some gods gift.
    what's your plan for today?
  2. I work from 3-11 today so ill probably just stay sober then pick up a dub on the way home and toke before bed.... I get paid tomorrow so I'm pretty excited about picking up some grow equipment.
  3. Off school, just finished homework.
    time to chill till work.
    nothing too intense.
  4. smoke smoke smoke!
  5. got up at around 630 to take the kids to daycare, dropped them off around 7 then went back home and crawled back into bed with Jen. I am off work today so i slept in until around 9. I got up smoked a bowl, and went to mow the grass. Now thats done, im just chillin on the internet, checking my email and seeing what the cities up to. ill go pick up the kids from day care shortly, then all of us will head over to my parents for a while so they can see theyre grandchildren. after that, ill take the boys to the hospital to pick jen up from work, well go home put the kids down, and probably smoke a bowl and watch a movie
  6. I am currently at work and sneaking on here lol ftw
  7. Get off work, blaze, then off to go drunk bowling. Oh, and I LOVE Pink Floyd!

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