There is no experience in life more exhilarating than waking up fired

Discussion in 'General' started by Snazzers, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. Definitely should not mix weed and booze anymore, especially not on a weeknight. :smoke:
  2. So, you're happy you got fired?
  3. Wow that sucks ive been sacked before, My first job even. Sucked ass at the time but i laugh about it now and leave it out of my application form haha.
  4. No, my managers are understanding and cool guys, so a few phone calls and some manual labor should get me my job back, probably on probation.

    Basically, after a night hanging out with my dealer and some friends, after some piecing together what happened we kind of unloaded about eight or nine spraypaint cans and a shit ton of eggs on my place of work. So yeah.
  5. i'm an understanding guy too, but i would ban your ass from working at my business if you unloaded 8 spray cans and a shit ton of eggs onto it.
  6. and probably have you either clean it, or pay for the damage
    wtf were you thinking?

    apparently you were absent of thought
    you black out or something?
    i guess you have some underlying hatred towards your boss
    or you're easily persuaded
  7. Yeah, I'm gonna have to clean it, but there's a heavy duty washer spray thing we have for the outside of our building, so I just have to spray it down with some paint remover (it's a brick building so it will be fine).

    And yeah, it started out, me, my friend, my dealer, and my ex manager (dealer's roomate). Started smoking a few bowls. Then my old dealer pulled out some 151 (this is where I black out), and after that apparently we smoked a blunt, and drank a shit ton of beer. Started bitching about Wendy's, where I work, and the other three used to. Well, all in all we went and fucked with the store, and called my manager about 15 times in the middle of the night leaving fucked up messages on his phone. He got what happened, and I awoke to a voicemail telling me I'm fired, but still, very laid back place, shouldn't be too hard to clean. Hopefully I won't remain fired.
  8. I think the word you're looking for is 'fried', man
  9. If you think you're getting your job back you must be delusional.
  10. lol, it might seem kind of extreme.
    But I'm on very good conditions with these guys, and this kind of shit is sort of common around here. I've seen people hired back after stuff like this.
  11. Hahaha thats fucking hillarious
  12. it might be a trap they'll hire you again and give you the worst jobs to do with little or no hours and you can forget about ever getting a pay increase ever
  13. Haha don't go back to fucking Wendy's, you can do so much better.
  14. they should hire you back, have you clean it, then fire you. well they shouldnt, but it would be funny lol.
  15. True say.

    I have a theory that most part time jobs don't fire, they accept thier workers bullshit then make them miserable or broke or both until you quit.

    Sounds like a crazy night, nonetheless...

    Good luck on gettin' the job back!
  16. Wow, I would not give you your job back...
  17. yes i'd say you're luxurious career of serving me food at wendys is over for good.
  18. just wondering, what is the typical wage/hr for wendy's employee?
  19. You should be hoping they do not call the cops on you, even if the managers are cool, it is still run by a corporation and them fuckers are evil!

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