There is no evolutionary advantage to being tall (unless youre a giraffe)

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by gentleman, Feb 10, 2014.

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  1. Taller people need more food and occupy more space

  2. 10 bucks says op is 4 foot 10
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    Except sports

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    5'2" tall here.. Get a face full of tits every time i hug my wife, or any female for that matter..
    Short people for the win!
  5. Girls tend to like tall guys usually.
    You don't see many short models around. Just a select few for "petite sizes". And being tall is an advantage in sports.
    I can't play pool because if I have to get on the table to hit a ball, my feet don't touch the ground. That and I just suck a it haha
  6. Now now son, don't let that small man syndrome spill over onto the boards. Also I disagree. For example, your on a bus full of dudes, you drive by a load of chicks who are itching on getting busy and ready to jump at the first guy they see.. whos gona be the lucky one, the 6"5 dude (me) or the 4"10 dude (you)? Hmm..
    When the apocalypse rolls round and you end up stuck in a mega big crater, your gona be screwed! Where as big Shaq over there just hoped out and has claimed LA for his own.
    I can dunk on your ass, can probably take hurdles a bit better, can choke 2 people in between my legs rather than a paltry 1, can get up a flight of stairs in half the time, can completely smother a woman.. 
    Sure we need more food.. but thats what makes the finer specimen.  ;)
    And of course I could bring up the age old saying (and theres always a grain of truth in old sayings) of a tall fella being a well-endowed fella, but I won't be so childish.
    Chin up lad, get a few growth hormones down ya and come join us at the big boys table. I'll see you there. 
  7. Girls like a tall guy, not a short one. With that being said, chance to pass on your genes is very much an evolutionary advantage. Your theory was probably formed out of the fact that you are less than 5'5. Plus there is literally zero evidence or anything supporting your statement.

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    Tall people tend to have a higher weight/mass, meaning that in general they are stronger than their smaller peers. Thats an advantage.
    If your reasoning for not wanting to be tall is that you will 'occupy too much space', you are pretty stupid. 
  9. I'm 6'7. Very little evolutionary advantages exist in this age of technology we're living in. Back when humans were a hunter/gatherer species you can bet your ass my height gives me an advantage. Think about it, tall people have longer legs, because they have larger and denser bones, which means a greater amount of muscle could be built. Being faster and stronger can obviously help with hunting, but what about gathering? Well lets say there is a tree that is bearing fruit. Guess who's going to be fighting over all the low hanging fruit while giants like me just reach up and gather what nobody else can reach? That's right. All the shortys haha.

  10. Taller people can reach taller things

    Omega369 :wave:
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    Nothing is built for us tall people though. I've sat in many sports cars, and at 6'2", I can say firebirds/mustangs/cameros are cramped as fuck. Now, my old nissan 240sx... That thing had some leg room man! I hit my head and feet on shit all the time because I'm at just the height where I can't see jack that's coming at me.
    And if I were short and at the same weight that I am now (130) I would NEVER get laid -_-
  12. I like how op hasn't responded lol.
  13. not always

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  14. People that smoke weed need more food to survive

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  15. 5' 10"...average height ftw...dont look like a goon or a midget
  16. y

    You can say that about anything

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  17. This thread was great.
    Clocking in at 5'10, 140.
  18. Someone read their logical fallacies thread...a solid 29.5% of the time short people have an advantage in certain sports.

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