There is government support behind cannabis legalization

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    There seems to be a general consensus that the government is completely against cannabis legalization and that any info from a government source about cannabis must be anti-cannabis.
    However I say that just the fact alone that CNN allowed Sanjay Guptas cannabis documentary on cannabis to be aired shows government support of cannabis. If it is on television, then it does not work against the favor of government, nor any major corporation. Also did anyone see the NASCAR commercial that was supposed to be aired (or was it aired) about a joint over a beer?
    Could this be a conspiracy? Perhaps the government knows that cannabis consumption puts people into a more desired dazey state, less likely to think about real and critical issues like foreign policy, wasted money, corporate bailouts, pesticides on grocery food, and more about ordering pizza or who will win the playoffs? However, big gov/pharma does not want to reveal their hand and keeps up an anti-pot sherade, while slowly pushing for legalization movement?
    What if also government and or big pharma is threatened, however, by the potential medicinal value of the drug aswell, including non psychoactive CBD which is proving for be a more effective medicine each and every day.

  2. Every day that passes people are illegally purchasing pot and drug dealers are the ones profiting.  Pretty sure the U.S. government is beyond broke.  Ya they will never pay that debt off but why not let legal pot sales help.  Doesn't make any sense how a government so poor still makes decisions for us.
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    That is a good point. People are already getting stoned out on weed that is usually lower quality and higher in contaminates than cannabis grown professionaly for the medical/recreational scene. So the "stoned population" hypothesis is already in place.
    So state government could make money off of it and still achieve the "stoned population" theory, if the theory even holds any merit as it is.
  4. ok, the bullshit about being lazy and hazy is a dumb stereotype. I stay current on any events , environmental or political.

    Maybe their is nothing they can do against the will of the people.

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  5. hahahaha this is why I'm against legalization. keep something out of the hands of the government and allow intelligent people to have opportunities while consuming agreat product!

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  6. well of course there is some support. two states have legalized and many more are on the way...and of course there is some opposition.

    big shocker right? that politicians are people with their own varying sets of ideas too?
  7. Sooner or later the government will come to the realization that the war on drugs has failed, and it will continue to absolutely fail. With legalization and medicinal marijuana, bud isn't going away and support will only rise. Hopefully within 10 years we have full scale legalization. Ima set up a a sick grow, caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant wait
  8. At least its easier to buy, if you don't have contacts..... if you don't have contacts..... you don't really want to ask randoms around for it, and you would rather to go into a shop and buy it

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