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There is a way to get rid of the munchies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grrtt78, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. This thread is for all of those people who just cant stop eating when they are stoned. I see a lot of people say "just have willpower" which I agree with however many have indicated that they simply cant stop themselves. If you are desperate or have no willpower at all there is a solution.

    I found this out by accident and it should be noted that you should research it yourself and make sure you are safe but it is effective.

    I am talking about ephedra and caffeine, something that body builders have been using for years to cut before a meet (which is how I discovered it). I was on an extreme cut and decided to try this to help get the weight off quicker while preserving muscle (for which is was very effective). However I noticed while I was high that the appetite suppressant was very effective. If you take 25 mg of ephedra w/ 200 mg of caffeine you will want no food for about 3-4 hours no matter how much you smoke. You can get the ephedra from a product called Bronkaid which is behind the counter at CVS.

    It should be noted that THIS IS THE STUFF THAT KILLED PEOPLE who over exerted themselves while taking it. If you are just sitting on the couch this should not be an issue but make sure you drink a lot of water and check your heart rate. Also start with a half dose to check your body's sensitivity.

    I would advise you do your own research but if you know what you are doing and play it safe you will not have any problems. If you feel overly jittery or nervous cut the dose.

    This is not for those who eat a little too much when stoned but for those who simply can not help but gorge every time they get high. Its up to you to decide if you need it but if you decide to try it just make sure you research it quite a bit as it can be dangerous if done incorrectly.
  2. or you could just hit up the nearest fast food place and spend 2 dollars
  3. Here is how you get rid of the munchies...
  4. I dont know about you, OP, but im off to subway.

    Avoiding the munchies is like a crime imo
  5. Last I check the best cure for the juncture is eating. Fuck adding more chemicals and compounds to my system, give me a cheeseburger.
  6. are you kidding me??
    inhaling smoke is unhealthy enough, and so is sitting on your ass for
    prolonged periods of time.
    but cuttin the munchies with caffiene?
    thats the unhealthiest, stupidest shit
    i have ever heard.

    im not trying to offend you, or anyone else
    but come on man...
    more fucking deadly chemicals??
    your alrady at risk for heart attack. shit
    save your self man, quit taht shit
  7. Haha,
    Im just a tad bit overweight.
    And I blame the munchies... EVERY DAY for the past year :smoke::smoke:
  8. Okay to actually give you a REAL answer unlike these other clowns. Try drinking a lot of water and eat something naturally sweet like dried mango or have a banana or apple. Try fruits. The sugar should help. Dont touch no caffeine.
  9. Two words: chewing gum
  10. Why would you wanna stop the munchies, psht fuck that its like the best thing in the world when your high and you eat.

  11. To help curb the munchies.

    1. Willpower. It's your best bet. Try keeping busy and your mind off food while baked. Chewing gum will keep you hydrated and could help with munchies.

    2. Eat healthier foods. You may still eat a lot but eating a bunch of fruits/veg and others would be better than eating the same amount in fast food.

    3. Chug water before you do eat. It'll fill you up so you won't need to eat as much.

    4. Mint. Brush your teeth, chew gum, eat some mints etc. Brushing my teeth suppresses my hunger for awhile and even If i still am hungry I don't want to eat because mint does not go well with anything else(for me).
  12. -Water ( a lot of people think they are hungry when they are really thirsty, so drink up and don't get fat!)
    -gum (having something for your mouth to do will make you seem less bored, plus it tastes good and has under 5 calories
    -healthy food (apples, oranges, nuts and grains will fill you up better than any pizza or burger on this planet. Your body is a processor, don't feed it processed foods).

    This should help.
    Those chemicals do God-knows-what to your body, and "cutting weight" is dangerous enough in itself.

  13. Not when you smoke a great bowl topped with keef and can't stop eating.
    The 4am puke session is NOT worth it.

    Thanks OP for the tip. I was going to search or create a thread relating to the same issue this evening.

    Have you heard of smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol?

    Till your shitting your guts out the next day.
    But I do agree. In moderation.
  14. After you been smokin for a while the munchies don't really hit you as hard. Well, for me anyway.
  15. Mint and a water and it'll suppress your appetite
  16. you wont want anything to do with food when you are sober anyway :smoke:

  17. Unless it's via water fasting. You can do it for 40+ days if you do it properly.

  18. Good answer...this for real people!!!
  19. Just go for a walk. Its awesome if it's not too cold and you get some exercise. I never get munchies while I'm walking as long as I don't walk in front of a McD's.

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