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There is a stoner..........

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Aug 27, 2002.

  1. Yes brothers and sisters. we have a pot smoker in these forums. If you can find out who it is you will win a prise.

    You must explain why you think the person you pic is smoking pot.
  2. i pick everybody, except the people that dont smoke pot...:D
  3. oh my god, someone who posts here smokes <gasp> marijuana?
  4. I'm invoking my right to plead the fifth until I find out what the prize is. LOL.
  5. its me!! ITS MEE!!......IM STONED!!............*RIGHT NOW*!!!!!
  6. I know i know, its you Bud Head, your stoned, now do i get anything yet?

    I think namron might have a buzz.
  7. just a buzz?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Yes I am stoned too but that was not who I had in mind. There is another person out there in the city that is stoned more often than I. I know who it is but do you?

    The prise depends on who gets it right (male or female).

    Keep guessing who it might be!
  9. i will now cast my serious vote for the all charming, super charismatic, frosted buddy down under, critter.
  10. well it, uh, isn't me...



    it IS critter. . .

  11. Here is our stoned person right now. I do believe if you quit for a month that you'd still be stoned critter!!!!!!!

    Namron your prise is....................................

    A critters smiley when he can give it to you!
  12. YAYYY!!!!!!! will immediately be put into my signature:D

  13. Critter your the man!!!!LOL The stonedest man in the city!!
  14. its there! its there!
  15. So, does that mean I'm not stoned? I SO feel like I am. Is it just an illusion of the senses? Or did you just forget all about ME? Or were you WRONG???? BUD HEAD MAY HAVE BEEN WRONG!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. i was blasted yesterday, for what its worth...but..I GOT THE ROCKIN DUDE!!!!........WOOO HOOO!!!!

  17. if i say it's me (cause it is), do i win?????
  18. I was looking for the one person who is stoned day in and day out. I know you've missed a day in the last year.LOL

    If it would make you feel better RMJL, I'll make you the second stoner of the year. LOL

  19. Second after Normsy Poo?????????

    Hell yeah, I'm down with that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

    So, where's my damn prize?

  20. I'll be bringing it to you very soon!!!!!!

    I know you'll love it!

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