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  1. Now before I start, I did use the search tool and found nothing on this topic or anything related.


    What was your first video game console? What was the first game(s) you had for it. Just discuss about it.

    My first video game console that I owned was a Nintendo NES (The original grey one there with the very simple 4 buttons and d-pad layout). The first game I had for it was the first Super Mario Bros. Including Duck hunt. (I never got that gun remote) Everyday when I got off the school bus I would run to my house and start playing that with my dad. I had some of the best memories with that console. Then it started to have trouble starting up so I had to drop it on the ground maybe a few inches and blow in the cartidge for it to actually work. We ended up giving it away to my mom's friend and totally broke shortly after. I did end up having a few games including Super Mario bros. 3, some shooting game, one F1 racing game, some RC racing game and another sort of racing game. This is actually when I started to get fat.

    So don't forget to discuss.

  2. I remember one of the first times I picked up a controller. It was a NES game, I was two, and my cousin told me instruction on how to play it. All I remember was first part of the first level briefly. Another cousin of mine had a NES and I remember him playing it. Sadly I was a bit too young to have a NES, and I had no older siblings so I missed out on that generation. Now I somehow got introduced to the SNES in the old Montgomery Wards stores. Remember those? I got hooked on Donkey Kong. I would stand there in the electronics section and play it for hours as my mom shopped and waited for me and coaxed me to go. Then a video rental place opened up in our local grocery store. Every weekend my parents would rent me a SNES system and it came with Donkey Kong. It went on for some months until I got a SNES for Christmas. I was three. Ironically, no one ever got me Donkey Kong. I finally bought it only a few years ago. And that's how I got involved in video games.
  3. First system my parents bought for me was an NES, my parents have pictures of me hanging on the wall playing it I look so happy :D I remember we had Atari also, Kaboom was the shit.
  4. Nice idea for a thread bro... I never had NES or SNES, but the week that the Sega Genesis came out, my mom got one for me. I was the coolest kid in school for a little while since I actually had a Genesis. I played Madden 93 like it was my job before I eventually upgraded to Madden 96. Also, Sonic II, Shaq-Fu, Hardball 95, all kinds of NBA games... Those were the days... :hello:

    And let's not forget NBA Jam: Tournament Edition (I never knew what that meant). Best. Game. Ever.
  5. NES for me, 1st mario, I remember playing nascar, topgun, guerilla wars, glove ball, then it was the SNES, lots of games for that, my fav was killer instinct...then the n64, then a playstation, then a xbox, then a ps2, then the x360 and thats where it ends
  6. NES and Sega.

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