There is a drug dealer across the road from my house...

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  1. Well there is a tinnie house (place to buy tinnies/foils) directly across the road from my house and im really hanging for some buds.and i want to buy a foil (Weed wrapped in tin foil that costs 20 - 25 dollars, because new zealand is to horri for bags) BUT they are mungrel mob (a notorious new Zealand gang) but i really dont want to get involved with them. what should i do? i know of another t house im welcome to but its on the other side of town


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    Other side of town.
  3. i would go to the other side of town

    fuck that shit
  4. hahah well i dunno to me it seems kinda obvious it would be a bad idea unless you like associating with gangs

    it could all go well but i've never gone to a trap house to buy from some gangsters so i dunno

    to me its automatically sketchy cause something could easily go wrong i'd assume
  5. Don't be so quick to judge these people, I say go for it.
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    If other side of town means like 5-10 minutes away just go there, no big deal. If it's like 30 minutes I might even take the trip if you are seriously intimidated.

    On the other hand buying drugs off a gang member isn't really "getting involved." They sell drugs as the lifeblood of the gang. In that respect they are business men and women. As long as you don't insult them or act shady they will be more than happy to have a repeat customer.

    Again, if the other spot is close just go there.

    Edit: If the spot is really sketch/notorious, I would be afraid of being a part of a bust.
  7. Yeah i live on the bad side of town 'ghetto' as my friends call it. but yeah would take me like hour to walk. i have a little moped my friend gave me for cheap as but last time i rode it 10 years laughed at me (multiple times) so yeah... i dunno. and my phone broke yesterday so i cant really hit up a mate who has bud
  8. Is there any public transportation?
  9. well if I was in your shoes yeah I'd take the trip across the street I just didn't want to suggest it to you because its easy for someone to tell you

    yeah if you're straight they will be

    but then when you get back on saying you got robbed nobody here will be able to help you

    like I said i dont believe it will happen there's just a risk like any other drug deal
  10. Nah man wish there was. could smoke some weed, get high and fly but nah got none
  11. Go for it. Update us in a hour. I really think you will be ok.
  12. Pics of the weed as well..curious.
  13. yeah and i think i forgot to mention i have a buzz cut and they MAY mistake me for a skin head...
  14. In my opinion, you're thinking about it too much, this is the 21st century, skin heads aren't exactly commonplace nowadays.
  15. i would go across town & did u take that pic of em? if so id b really sketched if i was u cause if they r like the gangs in america theyd probably kill u cause taken pictures is a big tip off ur wrkin with the officials so ya lol
  16. a hook up across the street could be handy later, and mopeds are fucking fun as hell man who cares what other people think. if your sketched just bomb across town on the moped.
  17. Honestly, as long as your friendly they have no reason to not deal you drugs. However, if you really don't want to, dont hesitate to go across town

  18. Yeah. Fuck anyone else. It's transportation and it's fun.
  19. Id go for it, I'm sure they're fine.

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