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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by wombledon, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. hi,
    could i get some advice please,i have looked thru the list of problems and fixes on this site,but none seem to fit.....

    my friends green isnt green anymore,the leafes feel like paper,realy realy yellow,the stems are a dark purple colour in places!!!!there is slight curling of tips on leaves,but only one or 2 leaves,and not all plants,!!he has 10 plants,all on the same system,but 7 are looking ill,the others are perfect?ph is allways checked,all i can think it may be the drainage,he changed his growing meduium to some new coco slab[i will get info of him about that]as he was a pot man befor,some plants are perfect,not a colour change atall,

    any help appreciated,
  2. 1/ could be a Nitro deff, natural in the final stages of flowering........are they flowering?

    2/ what types, and powers of fert have been added?

    3/ what size of pots are they in?......and like old?

    4/ what type/power of light are they under?

    5/ what distance is the light away from the plants?

    6/ what is the room temperture when the light/lights are on?

    to help you, you need to help us.....a lot of info will be needed, and remember a picture, speaks a thousand words.........Peace out........Sid
  3. thanks sid,
    bear with me,am not too savy with this stuff.

    i went to see my friend today,hes a pretty ill guy,as soon as i lifted one of the slabs,water poured out,and u could smell it,stagnent......his timers were setup all wrong,they were getting fead alot.....alot,i put some blocks under his trays so excess would run out,not too steap,just enough,
    i flushed the buggers out with ph water,cycled it for a few hours,until the fluid comming out was basicly water,took a few times.

    sorry for the sparse info i left,but i was basicly flying blind,apart from what he told me over the phone lastnight.

    i hope this was the problem!i hope i caught it in time,sure i will find out in a few days.

    pretty nifty place this,cheers
  4. was the liquid running out a kinda piss yellow colour?........if so, it's probably been nute lock, you did the right thing, usually you need to flush with approx 3 times the capacity of the pot size that the plants in.........all you can do is wait and see..........if the plants should be in veg, put the light cycle to 18/6, if they were more than 2 weeks into flower, then put the light to 12/12, but i wouldn't hold out much hope for a large yield, if they were in flower.............if they were less than 2 weeks flowering, then i'd suggest trying to get them back to veg, to build their strenth up for the flowering phase.........but that's if it's not too late allready, they sound like they have suffered, what percentage of the leaves were all yellow?..........Peace out.........Sid

  5. HIGH All, ?????????
  6. HIGH All, no

  7. it's gotta grow some roots dude

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