There are some lessons to be learned from all this...

Discussion in 'General' started by GGrass, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. I was on GC and suddenly I had a craving for a cigarette.

    So I searched my pockets and everywhere else, but couldn't find a damn ciggy.

    So I went to my father's office which is right next door to look for one, but still couldn't find any.

    And I saw the ash tray on his desk, and there was one particular butt that had some smoke left in it.

    I hesitated for a second, but the craving got to me, and I carefully picked it up and lighted it.

    I took a small puff and...

    Yuck... it tastes like the old man's breath.

    So I put it back in the ashtray, but for some reason, I didn't put it out, I just... placed it back where I picked it up.

    I guess unconciously I didn't want him to notice anything different on his desk.

    But the smoke was rising, so I tried to put out the cherry by using my saliva on it, but my saliva was too sticky, and it won't drop.

    So I tried to spit it out with a short burst, and...

    The burst of air blew all the ash from the ashtray and covered half of my face and half of my father's desk...

    The moral of the story :

    1. Don't salvage smoked butt from someone else's ashtray.
    2. Don't spit into an ashtray which is full of ash.
  2. I once sucked a cock for a pack of Newport 100s :(
  3. A few things I wanted to say that didn't belong in any other thread or any other section, so I just post it here.


    If you spent 100 minutes on GC, how much of it do you use for reading, and how much of it do you use for writing?

    I would say I use 40 minutes on reading and 60 minutes on writing.


    Obviously there are many sections in GC.

    The question is, when you post new threads, why do you go to different sections of GC?

    Why not just post in one section, say... General.

    Why do you post certain threads in General, but other threads in S&P, or RLS, or SLR?
  4. So... how did it taste?
  5. I feel like I've learned these lessons before but have forgotten them, so thanks for the reminder.. I feel for ya man
  6. i dont like starting new threads in general cause they usually get buried by other threads before anyone really gets a chance to read them. I usually start threads in real life stories. i smoked my 3rd cigarette in my life the other night, only cause i heard a menthol cig tastes amazing when your hanging out with molly

  7. Then "forgot" to take the Newports 100s
  8. Then I should visit there more often...
  9. That ash try thing, did that but with a candle. Learned a lesson then.

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