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There are no drugs in Arizona

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by oltex, Aug 27, 2010.

  1. There are no drugs in Arizona
    DrugWarRant / Pete Guither / 08,27,2010

    I've made fun of the idiotic notion of a drug free… well… anything, numerous times before.

    The idea of a drug-free goal is so laughable that few even bring it up anymore (not just the idea of eliminating all illicit drugs, which is impossible, but what about all the prescription and over the counter drugs..).

    Of course, we still have the ridiculous hold-overs from those days - Partnership for a Drug Free America and Drug Free America Foundation are prime examples.

    But I recently found an organization name that surprised even me.
    I was reading a really bad OpEd (that was crammed full of lies) by Ed Gogek about an Arizona medical marijuana bill. The article mentioned that Gogek, besides being an addiction psychiatrist, was on the steering committee of Keep Arizona Drug Free

    Wow. This was really startling. This is no unattainable pipe dream of some future drug free world. They're saying that they've already got it, and they want to keep it.

    Who knew? Arizona is drug free.
    Makes you wonder, though, what an addiction psychiatrist does there…
  2. I'm guessing all the mommys of arizona go right for mothers' little helper when things get rough, and daddy hits the bottle as soon as he gets home from work, and they both make sure little sally and jimmy take their adderall. Drug-free my ass, but of course they go out of their way to persecute those of us who use the safest of all drugs.

    Who Says Marijuana is Good Medicine? | Keep AZ Drug Free

    ^ Did you see this? I'm inclined to stop reading after the second bloody sentence. Anyone whose job for 30 years has been to argue for prohibition is obviosly not going to want to lose that job by letting mmj be legalized.....
  3. hmm well email this mr. godek and say "since there aren't any drugs in Arizona, which you claim is true, you would support repealing the useless laws banning all drugs in arizona, right? it doesn't seem necessary, since there aren't any drugs!"

    i wonder what he would say to that...:smoking:
  4. AZ drinking and gambling =addiction theres nothing else to do there besides offroading and golf.
  5. Probably smokes weed. . . oh wait.
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    Better ban all prescription pain-killers then. Pain is too easy to fake, too many prescription pain killers are just being handed out.

    Except the person ended the article without stating how medical cocaine > medical marijuana, because of this, it's encouraging people to seek out cocaine for medical use, and abandon marijuana for medical use. That is welcoming a lot of overdoses.
  7. I laughed pretty hard at this. Arizona is drug heaven in certain places. So many smugglers and dealers I cant even describe some of the things ive seen here.
  8. More like drug heaven EVERYWHERE.

    I think AZ has more drugs than most places honestly.

    I know that AZ is pretty high up in the Meth industry.
  9. Truth. Ecstasy is huge here also I would probably guess we are #2 in X after Cali.
    Not to mention all the bud grown and moved through AZ im beginning to wonder if this Pete Guither guy has actually ever been to the grand canyon state :confused:
  10. Pete Guither wrote the article about the oped by the org "Keep AZ Drug Free."
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    Ha stoned mistake I meant Ed Gogek.

    Also sadly I'm pretty pessimistic about the medical bill passing...

    I found this part the most irritating
  12. I guess he's never been to Sedona. The hippie capital of the southwest.
  13. Well i live in AZ and
  14. In response to Keep AZ Drug Free | No on Prop 203. So your lobbying against marijuana as a medicine, right? I'm fine with that, to each his own. But seriously, what about the fucking causes of some of the diseases marijuana can HELP with. I'm not saying it will cure it. But still. So the tobacco that causes cancer is legal, but the people who are trying to get medical marijuana are stupid because pot does more bad than good apparently?! Take a look at fucking tobacco.

    Here are SOME ingredients. there are over 200 chemicals ADDED to cigarettes

    • Arsenic used in rat poison
    • Acetic Acid hair dye and photo developer
    • Acetone main ingredient in paint and fingernail polish remover
    • Ammonia a typical household cleaner
    • Benzene rubber cement
    • Cadmium found in batteries and artists' oil paint
    • Carbon Monoxide poison
    • Hydrazine used in jet and rocket fuels
    • Formaldehyde used to embalm dead bodies
    • Hydrogen Cyanide poison in gas chambers
    • Napthalenes used in explosives, moth balls, and paint pigments
    • Nickel used in the process of electroplating
    • Phenol used in disinfectants and plastics
    • Polonium radiation dosage, equal to 300 chest X-rays in one year
    • Toluene embalmer's glue
    (Don't forget the 'main' ingredient tobacco)

    Now lets look at whats in pot:


    BIG surprise am I right? I mean (i'm probably wrong, not bothering to look it up) Cancer is caused by the cancerous cells we all have (i think.) that are simply activated in a sense? now tobacco is grown using radioactive chemicals. Aren't radioactive things what activate cancerous cells? Last time i checked pot has nothing radioactive in it (trace amounts if any)

    Now the last part was probably mostly high-rambling talk lol. but still, Imagine a world where cigarettes are illegal and pot has replaced them... thats more like it. We cant move forward as a society until we grow up and realize what we do to our planet and our bodies on a regular basis. I think we need a HUGE wake-up call. Perhaps thats what 2012 really is? Afterall 'apocalypse' really is latin for "something to be revealed" :D
  15. Shhh...don't tell the good Doctor but the last time I was in Phoenix my hotel bartender got me a fat sack of really good bud for a decent price.'s our little secret, mmkay?
  16. This is why I was the only kid who heavily smoked pot throughout most of junior and high school and had well over 90% in every class (except gym, not an athletic body:cool:) And math, I'm awesome at physics and most areas of science but i fucking suck at math ha ha.

    Anyways, this is why I also went to Stratford culinary school in Ontario (look it up, pretty awesome school, definitely recommend it) And am now a successful chef, making (in my mind) very amazing money considering my age. I love what I do, I've wanted to become a chef since I was 9, and I did it. I'd like to think that marijuana helped me achieve that...:smoking:
  17. Haha yeah weed fucked up my life so bad that im getting a full tuition scholarship to a good school to major in physics. Wait a minute....
  18. Yeah. . . you're fucked.
  19. I am shocked and appalled sir.

    Shocked and appalled.
  20. Yeah AZ does have a shit ton of X.

    And like you said, all the bud that passes through AZ? Lord.

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