There Are Energies In This House...

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  1. UPDATE!!!!! (I decided to start a new thread in this section, but its a continuation of a thread I posted last night about another experience)

    Oh damn this house is just exploding with energies, wow. So I was jamming on the electric drums in the rehearsal room with headphones on for awhile tonight. I just finished like 20 min ago and as I was getting ready to stand up I started hearing noises in my headphones. It sounded like static at first but then I distinctively heard something breathing. Right in my ear. I got the chills like crazy and instantly felt a presence. My friend felt it too.

    I don't feel that its a negative energy, but I wouldn't call it positive either. even as I type this I can't help but feel like something is in this room with me. So powerful. Shit.

    Im really welcoming to these kinda of things, and part of me is really excited cuz its been awhile since I've felt a presence like this anywhere. But damn my body is on edge...goosebumps,chills,fear,excitement,curiosity, all at once

  2. Kinda sounds like your high.
  3. It sounds like it, but I haven't blazed in a long time
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    Sounds like you've experienced things like this in the past? Ghosts, etc?
  5. I wouldn't really call em ghosts, I don't believe there are dead people wandering around. But each person creates positive/negative energies throughout their lives and sometimes they're powerful enough to "live" on their own.

    But ya I've had a bit of experience with this since I was a kid
  6. awesome.. playing my guitar tends to kinda entrance me and put me in an altered state that is very similar to meditation
    which then makes it that much easier to become aware of these types of things
    have you tried to communicate with it?
    i once had this insightful thought that there are angels of music feeding us sounds to play.. and if you are the moment and aware of it, you can make music for all to enjoy
    i havent tried to communicate with anything in this house yet, the thing is im house sitting this awesome property in hollywood hills. its fucking HUGE haha.
    but ive definitely tried to communicate with things in my own homes before. it wasnt always a great experience honestly. some of the energies felt very hostile and unwelcoming.
    and i completely agree about music being a form of meditation. im a guitarist as well, just recently started playing the drums. music forces you to draw from within and ive definitely noticed that i've achieved some form of higher awareness when im really deep into my music. this isnt the first time ive had these "encounters" while playing.
  8. Maybe you're schizophrenic.
  9. Maybe...I doubt it though, cuz I've talked it over with my great great great grandfather who lives in the basement
  11. lmfao OP high as fuck

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