There’s some white spotting on the leaves of just one plant of 4

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  1. 2D218183-A6BE-4176-8392-A44FF98E41E3.jpeg so I noticed some spotting on a couple of leaves here and there on one of my plants and I can’t figure out if it’s a nutrient deficiency or not. I have checked with a fine tooth comb for mites or bugs of any sort but saw none. Some of the leaves grow in misshapen or will yellow and die but the plant is still the tallest of all of them. I’ll attach a photo as well, any help will be appreciated, thank you in advance.
  2. I have that on mine as well couldn't figure it out as well.

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  3. Could maybe be powedered mildew

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  4. I treated it for that and did try to see if any would come off with a wet paper towel to no avail. It also hasn’t spread or gotten any worse, it’s been the same for the last 2.5 weeks, only affecting certain leaves and the rest looking fine
  5. That is spider mites. I can actually see the webbing on the serrated edges of the leaves. Good luck.

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  6. [​IMG]
    Standard White Fly infection you can tell by the Random ness of the bites

    Whitefly - Wikipedia

    good luck
  7. That’s actually a see through clip lol the stem was a little weak at the beginning so I pinned it up to a straight stick. There’s absolutely no bugs or webbing anywhere, I checked the whole plant and every single leaf both above and below
  8. I can’t see any of those anywhere in the tent or on the plant. Would not my three other plants be affected too if that was the case?
  9. Oh also the edges of the leaves are a bit discolored due to a treatment for what I suspected was powdered mildew but ruled out. (Baking soda and water in a spray bottle)
  10. this is true no other bits on the other plants>...?
  11. None!! That’s why I’m so confused!! The other plants are perfect, one has a couple of leaves with orange spots but that was my bad with nutrients and I flushed it and am redoing it tomorrow but other than that they’re all perfect.. it’s also the only plant that has screwed up leaves grow sometimes, they’ll be twisted and pathetic looking but the plant has grown a lot since I got the clone so it definitely can’t be all the leaves growing in like that or it would be a huge mangled mess
  12. It looks like spider mites to me

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  13. Absolutely no bugs anywhere on the plant or in the tent and it’s only affecting one of my four plants :( also it’s been like this for about 2.5 weeks now and hasn’t changed at all
  14. If you can’t see the insects then keep a eye on it they’re as small as the tip of a pen

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  16. Try not to stress because when you stress leads to accidents if you see no insects and your humidity isn’t making mildew keep a eye on it but don’t stress if it isn’t spreading or killing it

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  17. Yeah I’m doing my best, I appreciate that :) wonder what the buds will look like hahaha I’ll post on here what the difference is between that plant and the others if they all survive.
  18. Just spray paint those leaves green again, no biggie.

    Actually unsure havent seen this, strange how they dont wipe off

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  19. It’s okay, i don’t care about the cosmetics of it, it’s purely for my own smoking benefit but I was just curious as I’ve never grown before and I’ve combed the internet for an answer. Probably a nutrient deficiency if I’m honest, or maybe something happened at the place it was cloned? I don’t know. As long as it lives I’ll be happy
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  20. That is a 100 percent spider mites. Checked mine and low and behold it was webbing

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